Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Our Travels - Part 1

Finally! A new post with all the details of things that have kept me too busy to post.

Back Row - Christa, Me, Melissa, Caleb, Jessica Front Row - Emma Katherine, William, Virginia Grace and Abigail
Dad and William
At the Pony Express
Sweet Emma

As many of you know, our family travels extensively attending conventions all over the US. Our travels began with the North Carolina convention through the weekend of May 26-28th. During our time there, we had a hard time finding Starbucks, very late nights, two false fire alarms, and being on the 11th story of the hotel, this was no easy fix to get out of. We were, however able to get a chance to visit with a Creation Scientist who brought in a very cute baby ape, and a crocodile.

Caleb and a dear friend, Master Keen
Some of us petting the crocodile
The crocodile

After we were done with tear down, we drove up to Bristol, VA to attend St. Peter’s Presbyterian Church. What a sweet fellowship we were met with! Rev. Lawrence Windham was preaching that day. The service was so restful after our weary weekend. We left the church building feeling invigorated, challenged, and very blessed. Some of the families came over to the house where we were staying as our hosts had planned a wonderful chili cookout for us and the other visiting family, Rev. Lovett and his beautiful and delightful family.

We were so encouraged by the families we were able to spend time with. We had a chance to visit our dear friends, Jim Bob and Amy Howard and family, who had recently moved from Austin to Virginia. Our whole family shares very fond memories of our visit to the Bristol area.

Mom and Mrs. Howard talking. In the background are a few from the Lovett family

From there we headed up to New York and spent a delightful time with our wonderful friends, the Valine family. They stayed up late waiting for us to arrive, and made our stay very pleasant. We made s'mores, played kick-ball, made torches, learned some humorous games and had a great time just talking and catching up on everything there was to catch up on...although, my dear Valine family, I personally don't think we had hardly enough time! We left your lovely haven hoping our next meeting would be sooner than later!

And since the Valine girls blamed us for them finding out about April Cornell, ;-) I'’m going to blame them for telling us about the outlet! lol Actually, "yous-guys," we are so glad you mentioned it. That is another thing we are looking forward to visiting again. J

Getting supplies for torches
Making torches
We also had an opportunity to visit Niagara Falls. The sound of the water falling and crashing down at the bottom is indescribable! We were lightly sprinkled with water while there, and we just stayed at the top! Next time, hopefully we will be able to ride on the Maid of the Mist.
Caleb, Mom, Me, Jessica and Virginia Grace
"Little Man" didn't think the falls were too exciting.
Back up the hill...hard walk for "old" people. :)
Niagara Falls
Emma, Dad and Mom
Caleb and the "Maid of the Mist"
At the Falls
Niagara Falls