Friday, October 21, 2005

What would life be life if we could not love, or if we had nobody to love? The love a sister has for another is such a sweet blessing from God, and so is my older sister, Christa. I can hardly believe that she is now twenty-one. We have done so much together, been through so much and throughout the course of our lives our love has deepened and the future years can only hold so much more. A friend told me once, "I think birthdays are all about seeing the gifts that you have been given in life. Friendship is one of them."

On this day, for now nineteen years, I have had such a wonderful friend, such a delightful companion and I couldn't ask for more. Dearest Christa, you will never know how much I love you. May God's blessings be richly bestowed on you as you continue to grow in His beauty and grace. I love you.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Just a few words tonight...

With a score of five to one, the Astros beat the Cardinals tonight. It's off to the World Series we go! :)

Monday, October 10, 2005

I am so excited. This past weekend it was cold! :) Okay, well not really cold...but in the 70's! And for me...that is getting pretty chilly. It was raining this morning. It was so nice, that I thought about wearing my Angora hat, soft scarf and leather gloves with Angora trim...I almost did...but decided it was a bit eccentric. :) Maybe tomorrow.

The christening was so sweet yesterday. William was adorable, (of course) in his white gown, and he smiled at all the right was a very sweet event. The camera was dead, so photos will have to wait until I get the disk from a friend from church.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Not much has happened at our house since the hurricane. I know that we've been busy...but I can't really recall with what. :) I not exactly sure how this post is going to turn out...I'm at a loss for words.

Our dear friends, the Townsend family will be moving out here this month! We are so thrilled they are coming. We have missed them terribly since they left, and are greatly looking forward to being with them again.

William is to be baptised is on Sunday. We will have many dear friends and family worshipping and celebrating with us. He is getting so big (or rather fat) and very strong. He is arching his back and he loves to eat his index finger and middle finger on his left hand, I believe. Anway...since I haven't much to say today, I've posted some photos of him for you all to see. Enjoy!
William Alexander
Aren't they cute!
Sleepy boy.
Bubby loves his Bubble.
Will you get me out...please?
I think he is tired of sitting.
Sweet baby.
What are you doing?
But I wasn't ready for a picture!
I'm not sure he likes all those toys in his face...what thinkest thou?
William likes tea parties.
I love my Mommy!
Are you taking my photo again?
Look at those cheeks!
Brother-Sister cute.
William playing.
Baby Boy sleeping