Thursday, June 03, 2010

Introducing our new blog...A Simple Renaissance

After five years of rambling about the simple things in my life, I've now reached a big moment...I'm moving on. Instead of blogging alone, my wonderful husband, Ben, and I have decided to create a new blog. On our magical wedding day, we became a new family. Though many things have changed, some things are still the same. My life is still simple and beautiful.

My musings will continue, but they will continue here, on our new family blog. A Simple Renaissance...a name that combines my blog title, and Ben's...a blend of his personality and thoughts with mine...another way that we're becoming one. So, with this last post, I've uploaded some pictures from the wedding that a friend took with my camera. I haven't seen the professional ones from my photographer yet, but these will do.

To keep up with Ben and me, please click here...the Honeymoon pictures will be over there! :)

"Daddy walk me down the aisle. Daddy don't cry...."

Wonderful friends, and my brother Caleb singing "A Clare Benediction"

The service seemed so short, and almost three weeks later, I still remember most of it!

Exchanging rings.

My wonderful friends, Mr. and Mrs. Sanford sang with the wedding party.
You are all such sweet friends and y'all sounded just lovely!

"Sealing our love with a kiss, waited my whole life for this.....

....Watching all my dreams come true...lost in this moment with you."

My wonderful parents. I love y'all so much!

I wouldn't have made it through the day without my wonderful wedding party! Thanks for the laughs, y'all! Love y'all and miss all y'all!

The family...only we're missing Ben! How did that happen?!

The brothers.

Me and my gang!

Goofing off...

Nice shades, eh? ;)

Finally! A moment to sit down!

I'd say that Ben is tired.

Oh, I love these girls!
And the wedding party is off to the reception in the RV.

A good start to "Happily ever after."

Be sure to follow us as we continue living our Simple Renaissance!