Wednesday, July 30, 2008

food, fun, fellowship...

Well, it's been a busy few days around here...I know you're all probably thinking...What's new?!? :) Anyway, Sunday afternoon, my Great-Grandparents arrived for a short visit from Texas. They were only able to spend a few days with us, but now that we live so far, even a few days is wonderful. On Monday, most of us went to Barnes and Noble and spent a good part of the day there. Tuesday morning they had to head back to Indiana to catch a flight the next day.

Tuesday afternoon brought us some new company and new friends. Jordan and Melissa Niednagel were here for an overnight visit, but it was a lovely one all the same. The same evening we had the Riggenbach family and part of the Bandy family over for dinner as well. After a filling Lebanese feast, Tres Leches (sorry'll have to come over next. :)), Strawberry-Limeade, an emergency run for coffee, a little bit of brain-typing, and an evening of fun, our heads hit the pillows around midnight. Jordan and Melissa left yesterday morning to continue their trip back home and we're eagerly looking forward to our next opportunity to fellowship. With all that said, here are a few pictures for your enjoyment. The rest of them can be found here.

His theme song..."Make 'em Laugh" from Singin' in the Rain...I think he does a pretty good job at that.


"GO!!" (Nice black ;))

Grandpa and Grace.

I love the loving hands of Grandmothers.

Caleb was excited to find three hardback books for only $9.99!! What a deal!

Grandpa found himself a nice chair and spent most of our time at Barnes and Noble reading to the girls.

As you can see, the girls had a hard time deciding which books to get. :) It must run in the took us four hours to decide what to get! Wanna come next time? :)

Grandma and Grandpa with the Great-grandchildren.

Sad farewells.
We took a nice walk with Jordan and Melissa and stopped at our usual place for group shots. Here's one of the girls and sleepy William.

And Jordan and Caleb weren't going to get away without getting a picture! Caleb had a blast getting to know one of the actors from the Locksley & Redjack films. :)

On our way back home Jordan noticed some huge blackberries growing along the side of the road. So, we just had to stop and pick a few...only a few. :)

Melissa finding her treasures.

Caleb finding his.

When we made it back home from our walk, there was food to prepare for our feast that evening.

The wonderful night was complete with lots of chatting...

...tons of shutterbugging...

...a huge stack of deliciously hot fresh flat bread...

...card tricks...

"Come on, Jordan!! Teach me that trick...please!!!"

A round of Loaded Questions

More pictures...

The Loaded Question players...minus my sister Melissa...she was Lily's sidekick though. ;)

Be very afraid...he's conducting brain-typing interviews...

...and Jessica was one of the brave souls to appear on that screen.

As was Mrs. Riggenbach...actually, most of us did, these are just the only pictures I have of those who underwent the torture. :)

And I'll leave you with the remainder of the party that night. Don't you wish you were here? ;)

Friday, July 18, 2008


I thought about going into great detail about how busy we are...but on second thought, I decided to be kind and spare you. :) You can leave your thanks below... I've posted a few pictures (clicke links for more photos) of things that have been going on around here, new floors in the great room, a fabulous 4th of July, lots of outdoor time now that it's finally summer and a few pictures of my adorable nephew. Jared and Jessica also have some pictures up. Okay...I'll stop with the little details and let you get to the pictures...

Our little man and the pile of wood flooring.

When our church has a party... we really have a party!!

Many thanks to the Sanford's for hosting such a wonderful event!

It was very comforting to have a fire fighter on hand...those boys are looking a little to excited if you ask me... :)

One cool great neighbor!

Moving the coop to it's final resting place.

Without their hard work (as well as the work done by several others in our church and even some who live in other states) the chicken coop would've never been done! I'm sure the chickens salute you...they ought to anyway...the ones in Chicken Run know how to salute...

And here, by popular request, are pictures of our ugly teenage chickens. Hope you enjoy this one...:)

Two little helpers...without shoes...I'll bet that gravel felt good on those feet! :)

And here is a picture of the newest member of the Evans' family! Jonas Clarke was born earlier today and as we were bringing them a meal, I figured a few pictures needed to be taken as well. :)

Prince Charming and Cinderella.

Caught red pun intended...:)

Got Popsicles?

Enjoying those Grandma hugs.

"Do you mean I have to leave you?!?!" *bawls uncontrollably*
Yes, Daniel and Christa left to go back to their own home. It was very sad to see them go and we're looking forward to another visit from them...hopefully soon...(*begins whispering* It's only to see Joshua, you know...*stops whispering*;))

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

in a nutshell...

It's been a little on the busy side around here as we've been trying to squeeze a bunch of fun into Christa's visit. Our chickens are getting bigger (my mom calls them teenage chickens...and personally, I think they're kind of ugly), the chicken coop is coming along nicely, the ladies tea was beautiful, our Americana themed visit to a retirement home was a blast, and the fellowship afterwards was too much fun. So, I thought I'd share a few pictures that kind of give you an overview of what we've been up to around here. For more pictures, click here and here and here.

A lovely circle of friends.


Good friends...great fun.

Garrison and Melinda tried very hard to make Jessica and Peter look tall. :)

Wow...the effect that ice cream has on some people...


And here stands one of the most amazing ping-pong players I've ever met...Nathan.

One simple word...feet.

Aren't they so cute?!?!?!

"Can I stop smiling now? My cheeks are hurting so bad!!!"

They've joined the group of happy peppy people and have been taking their Vitameatavegamin. :)

Peter looks bewildered about something...

Mmmmmm....summertime drinks...

Some of the little cow-pokes getting ready to paint the chicken coop.

The painting crew...the little people in the front didn't realize they could smile. :)

Some painters.

Getting kisses from Uncle Yum Yum.

"Y'all come back now...ya' hear?"