Thursday, June 19, 2008

quote of the day...

We were at the Peiffer's house today and while I was watching the children play outside, some of the kids had an argument about something. After I took care of that situation, David, who was quietly eating his goldfish snack, looked very seriously at me and then simply said, "Fish." :) So, I thought y'all might enjoy a picture of that funny little guy who never ceases to amaze me with his profound statements...

And I thought y'all also might enjoy some photos that I took of my absolutely adorable nephew that were inspired by a photo that Jared sent me. They can be found by either watching or clicking on the slide show below...

And the answers to the contest below are as follows:
1. Grace
2. Abigail
3. Caleb
4. William
5. Emma
6. Melissa
7. Jessica

Emil was pretty close to getting them all...only two mistakes!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

who's who?

So I decided to make a kind of interactive post to see how well some of you know our family... I found this book with the eyes of each picture missing and thought, awwww...wouldn't William look so cute behind those eyes? So, I put the book up to him and sure enough, he looked mighty cute...and so did everybody else! The face belongs to Buddy Davis but the eyes all belong to somebody in my family and it's up to you to decide who's who! :) And for the'll have to come visit our family and I'll make you a dessert of your's that sound? :) So, have at it and have fun!

Now, this one is William...but you knew that didn't you? His crooked eyes were too funny not to post, but it's rather obvious that it's him, so I figured I'd just tell you straight off...but he's in another photo!








Friday, June 06, 2008

we're home...

We arrived home safely from our trip down South. We had a lovely time being able to actually sit down and really get to know the families down in our sister church in Tennessee. Our visit in Arkansas was very relaxing and while we were there, we stocked up on the best ice cream around...Blue Bell. :) But it is very nice to be home again and although we had a blast on our trip, we are very much looking forward to fellowshipping with our church family this week. And so I'll stop boring you with text and provide you with a few pictures of our week...

Here's a picture of the little guy that keeps y'all coming back to my blog. :)

Art-sy shot of a pine cone.

Another art-sy shot...the Stouffer's property was well stocked with opportunities for art-sy pictures. :)

Some of the Bradshaw family enjoying good conversation.

Mr. and Mrs. Lingo

Apples to Apples...

Yes, Jared...this is all of us all...

Just after the storm passed.

"Put your hands in the air...hold on a sec, will ya..."

"Almost got it..."

" put hands in the air!" The Lone Ranger strikes again!

"I think this water is contaminated..."

So Melissa and I took the children to the lake and park. As we were driving around (Hector style, for those of you interested...:)) we saw this sign and almost called some dear friends that we thought might be in need of their services. :) So Hector family, this photo is for you...

Oh...this is what we call livin' high on the hog...we're not sharing, mind you...

Jess and I taking in the breathtaking view. (She has some more pics and info about our trip on her blog.)

Hmmmm....I wonder who she's waiting for...

Or her?

Joshua and Caleb atop Mt. Nebo surveying the lands...

The McDonald family