Saturday, November 26, 2005

Because my dear friend, Robin, has tagged me (yes, I know it has taken me a while to fulfill my duties...) I am now obligated to post five random facts about myself.

The reason it has taken me so long, is because when put on the spot, I can't think of anything random, and when my friends tell me things that are random about me, I don't think they are random because I know other people who are just as random! Clear as mud? So, if you don't think these are random, or if you know far more random things about me, let me know...please?

So, below are things that people say are random:

1. My hair (which I say is strawberry-blonde) was straight as a board until I turned 16.
2. I break out in hives when I get cold.
3. I enjoy opera.
4. I love cold weather, but the first cold day of the year, and all throughout winter, I talk about how extremely cold it is and how I can't wait for it to warm up.
5. I love food and the idea of feasting, but I hardly eat a morsel.

Okay...that is five and it took me forever to think of them. So now, I am forced to tag five other people to write five random facts about them. Therefore, I tag:

The DeLauderanty family
The Serven Clan
Naomi V.
Martha V.
The Erber Family

Wednesday, November 16, 2005 we're sitting around the coffee table just talking with the fire blazing in the background. Then phone rings...not abnormal in our household. My dad answers and then passes the phone to my mother.

"Hello?......Yes?......" Long pause. The kitchen staff is telling her to let the saleslady know that all we are interested in at this moment is a commercial dishwasher and refrigerator.

"You know, I'm not really interested right now......" The lady continues with her call. So my mom trys a new tactic.

"You know, I just trust God with those kinds of things...."

Still not working. She thinks quickly and takes anther route.

"We publish a magazine....It is really good, and it's only $21.99......No, this is for the year....No, the whole year......It is very good, really...."

It didn't work. The lady just got confused. So, my mom told her again that she wasn't interested. That didn't work either. So she told her again, insisting that she really wasn't interested, and then tried again...after quite some the lady finally gave up.
Oh, what a beautiful morning! Within twenty minutes yesterday, it was 35 degrees cooler. The sky went from normal blue, to purple, to black, and after the rain came through, you almost felt like you were looking through yellow colored glasses. Very strange.

Upon waking up this morning, I looked outside and thought to myself, "It looks rather cold outside." Yes, this has happened to me before, right after the hurricane, as some of you may know. This time, I decided that if it really wasn't cold, I was going to wear my winter garb anyway.

Once I was ready for the day, I went downstairs and then Merisha and I were trying to decide if we were going to walk or drive. Being the rather indecisive people that we are, we couldn't make up our minds. Merisha decided that we would walk. And then my dad told us what the weather was like...44 degrees. So, that made up our minds, right then and there. We drove over this morning. And I was able to make use of my sweater, scarf, gloves and hat. Ahhh...

Monday, November 14, 2005

'Tis November...and it is still hot. My fur jackets, hats, scarves and gloves sit in a drawer, unused, abandoned...unloved. :)

I've been thinking about last fall, about how nice and chilly it was, the small fall dances outside on the lawn, late volleyball games, hot chocolate on the back porch...and how much I complained about it being so cold. :). Ahh...memories, sweet memories. I wonder when it will begin to cool off. I just might pack up my winter clothes, or then again, I just might wear them despite the heat...just for the sake of tradition.

Friday, November 11, 2005

A Series of Rather Humorous, yet Unfortunate Events…

The sun had set, evening was fresh and people were hastening home to see their families. We stood outside of our store while Miss LaDonna locked up for the evening. When she came out and proceeded to lock the front door, I asked if she had set the alarm. She said that she had, and then I let her know that she didn’t need to, because James and a friend who was helping with some build-out would be back to do some work. Without another thought on the matter, six girls, consisting of Miss LaDonna, Robin, Merisha, Jessica, Abigail and myself, and one young gentleman piled into our source of transportation.

The girls and I were “oo-ing” and “aah-ing” over some really cute articles of clothing when the phone rang. I answered and it was my brother.

“Hey Tiffany,” he said. “Did y’all set the alarm?”

“Yes. Miss LaDonna didn’t know that you were coming back, so she set the alarm. Why?”

“I came in the back door.”

*Side note: Once the alarm in our facility is set, you have to go through the front doors to disarm.*

After a quick intake of breath I replied, “No, you didn’t!”

“Yeah, I did.”


“Because that is they way we needed to bring the stuff in.”

“Oh, no.”

“Yeah, and so the security place called, and dad changed the pass code without telling me.”

Another quick intake of breath.


“What happened?”

“I didn’t have the code, so they started going down the line of people to call. She tried to reach dad twice and he wouldn’t answer, and then my phone rang because I was next on the list.”

“Oh no.”

“So, I tried using the emergency calling code with dad, and he won’t answer my calls either.”

“So you’re going to be arrested?”

“I don’t know. The police are on their way.”


“Yup. Oh, and the security people don’t have ‘James VI' on the list, they have 'James IV.'”

“How lovely.”


“So, what are you doing?”


By this time, all of the girls were hovering around me, pestering me with a ton a questions to ask James. When I hung up with him, we tried to call my dad, and he wouldn’t answer us either.

We left the mall because all the stores were closing and refused to take our money. My parents were out on a date that night. Suddenly, we had a novel idea, “Why not interrupt their date and let them know what is going on!”

So, I called James who hurriedly said, “The officer just arrived.”

“Oh boy. Hey where is the Bistro?”

“On Mason.”


“Got to go.” And he was gone.

To make a long story short, we raced over to the restaurant and I ran inside and found my parents eating. I quickly told them what was going on and then started the search for the phone. We found it in my mother’s purse. My dad flipped it on and found he had five new voice messages and thirteen missed calls. He called my brother and was informed that James was going to spend a fifteen year sentence. We decided that was fine, because we could send Gaffney to his cell and he could design from there, fewer distractions.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Our Reformation Celebration went very well. Merisha and I were up sewing until 4:00 am on Saturday trying to finish four dresses and a vest for the party. She had a sudden gust of energy and kept working. I, on the other hand, was falling asleep at the sewing machine and finally climbed up onto some boxes that had been delivered and wrapping myself in a blanket, I dozed off 'till Miss LaDonna came in and started laughing at me. We left soon after, and were up working again at 7:00 am.

We still had eyelets to put in our gowns and so we did that on the way to the party. Since we weren't done when we passed the house where the event was taking place, we drove down the road and found ourselves at a dead end where we sat for about fifteen minutes hurrying to finish. It was all rather humorous, but we did get our gowns done and they turned out very nice. Towards the end of the evening we did some dancing and learned the Irish steps to the Ferry Reel, which came off beautifully.

Anyway, this is a short version of why I haven't posted. :) The long one would probably bore most readers since it consists of cooking, working, sewing and napping...after all, we have nothing better to do. :)