Thursday, April 27, 2006

Here we are in MA once more. It has been two years since we exhibited here, and it is very strange to be back at the place where many dear friendships began. We spent several days in New Hartford, CT visiting with some dear people from a sister church. It was wonderful to be able to fellowship with such like-minded people and get to know those we have heard very much about. We missed you all at church more than human words can express, and we are looking forward to being with you once again in a few weeks.

We left this morning and will be here in MA through at least Sunday. Our visit to Old Sturbridge Village was very fun, despite the fact that they didn't have a Presbyterian church. Pictures to follow!

Friday, April 21, 2006

April 20th, 2006, 3:30 PM

“Coffee – 90 miles away.” That was what my dad said this morning as we pulled out of the parking lot. A while later, as we headed down the freeway, I looked out of the windows and suddenly the mile markers and exits stuck out to me. I wasn’t sure why, but the markers were looking way to familiar. Marker 237…238…

“Dad?” I asked. “Are we near Harrisonburg?”

“Yeah, it’s coming right up.”

The light bulb turned on. Mile marker 240 was the exit we take to get to the Shenk’s home, and five miles down the road was the exit we would have taken to get to the Chancey’s old home, and the McClay’s wonderful treasure house. I know, I am really strange to have remembered something like this, but numbers and such just stick with me. It scares some people, sometimes it scares me. We pulled off at ext 246 and up the hill, first right and just around the corner was the shopping strip that I had used a few times a week when I spent the month of August in Harrisonburg.

It was really strange to be there, to go into the same store I had been into with my friends who lived in the area, and now be back zooming through with my family. I was just about ready to run into somebody I knew. As we passed marker 240, I looked behind and saw the warm familiar sight of the Shenk’s home where I had passed many an evening each Lord’s day. As we passed by 246 I could see the Chancey’s old home where many of my delightfully fond memories lie. It would have been nice to drop in and see some dear faces, but the road was calling, and on we go. Further up, and further in!

Do YOU see the sign?
The missing fender.
Is that a shadow??? No - actually, it was chocolate.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Showing William where his nose is... William.
Mom gets pictures...
Abby knits...
James...what! He doesn't come with us!
I knit...
Grace draws...
Lots o' children - lots o' miles.
And so our travels begin.
I see another me!
William is ready to go.
So! Here we are, on the road again, gallivanting across the nation to various and sundry places, exhibiting and speaking (well not me personally) at a few conventions. Our plans to leave on Monday didn't quite work out as we had planned, so we left around 6:30 am on Tuesday. The van was not cooperating, but then again, our trailer load is rather large and heavy. We made it to Birmingham that night, and headed off once again the next morning, or at least, we tried to.

After making it to our much needed Starbucks stop, we headed off, back through the hilly parts of Birmingham. Suddenly (now remember, I'm sick - I can't smell anything) a most disgusting smell floated through the air, so strongly, I could smell it. We pulled over as soon as possible, and my Dad jumped out and started checking the van. Our brakes were overheating. Simply wonderful! Once we were back on the freeway, our trailer fender started coming off. So, we pulled over again, and Dad fixed that too! So, our motto yesterday was: Slow and steady wins the race. We have not had any tire problems, at least, not yet.

William celebrated his first birthday yesterday (see previous post). We'll have a party for him when we get back home. We stopped in Bristol, (for the record, that is Virginia, not Tennessee ;-)) for dinner since we knew everybody would be sleeping when we arrived in Lexington. We pulled up at Chili's and as we were piling out, we were greeted by a very familiar face. It turned out to be somebody we had met last year when we stopped in Bristol for church last spring. It's nice running into people you know.

We pulled into our hotel around midnight and fell asleep as soon as possible. We are now sitting at the table in the lobby downloading a file for Mom's IBM. As soon as that is done, we will be off once more. Pictures and more to come!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Today we celebrate the first birthday of our dearest baby brother, William. He has been such a bundle of joy to our family, and indeed a wonderful blessing. He is full of personality, and rather opinionated for such a young age. :) He has brought so much sunshine into our home, and we thank God daily for sending this little angel into our home. To see photos of his birth, click here.

Happy Birthday William!
Our Little Man.
Me and William
William Alexander McDonald
Abby and William
William at his Baptism.

Monday, April 17, 2006

A Tale of Strawberry-Blondee

Strawberry-Blondee wakes up one day and discovers some very strange spots on her that look like bug bites, or so she thinks. But during the day, more and more begin to appear. Thinking it rather odd, she shows her Dearest Mother who, upon examination exclaims, "Chicken pocks!" So just like her baby brother, Strawberry-Blondee is rather contagious.

On Easter Sunday, Strawberry-Blondee's family arrives at church in two shifts and they wait patiently in the foyer until the congregation is made aware of the sad fact mentioned above. Nobody is upset, in fact, they all wanted Strawberry-Blondee and William to spread their germs to the children who had not yet had the opportunity to have them. On this Sunday, Strawberry-Blondee was scheduled to play the piano for service. Around the second or third Psalm, her eyes begin to water and burn, blurring her vision, and her face begins to get very congested - a rather painful experience for those of you who have missed out on such an event.

After the sermon, the congregation drove over to some friends house from church for our Easter Celebration. While there, a volley-ball game is suggested and so the young people head out to play. Strawberry-Blondee, who is in charge of measuring (or stepping) the size of the court, removes her shoes (just after being told about fire ants) and counts and sets the borders. While playing, a nasty ant decides her feet look rather tasty, and takes a nice bite in between her toes, which is now swollen due to an allergy she has to bug bites.

Afterwards, she was watching some of the children when one of the little girls requests to play a game of tether ball. Strawberry-Blondee agrees. In the middle of the game, the ball is headed right for the little girl, so Strawberry-Blondee, trying to protect the little girl turns around and get smacked in the face with the tether ball. Not such a nice feeling.

Later that evening, some of the guys at church go frog hunting in the pond. They return victorious with a huge bull-frog. Upon viewing the treasure, Strawberry-Blondee suggests a dissection. One of the guys suggests frog legs. One of the other guys tells Strawberry-Blondee that if she kisses the frog, he just might turn into a prince...I'll let you guess how the story ends.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Here are a few photos from some very random moments...enjoy!
"Are you sure we are headed in the right direction?"
"I'm pretty sure...but this GPS thing-y isn't working..."
Me and another Angel in disuise.
Need I say more?
Two fair maidens (jessica and abigail)
"Um...I'm not sure..."
You want more? (christa)
Timber!!!! (christa)
Are you thirsty? (abigail, caleb, grace)
Is it working?(dear mother)
2nd Peter
"I just don't understand..."
Angel is disguise (melissa)
Emma 'n Thunder
Making long shadows.
Not quite sure if this is going to be comfortable...(me and jessica)
Back to the days of yore.
Pretty little girls.
Should we leave him there? (caleb)
The Ultimate Hand Contest
Feet, anybody?
"Nice day, don't you think?"
"It's hot out here!"(jessica and me)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I think this blog needs photos...what dost thou think?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Whale! How nice it is so be home. A friend of mine called today and jokingly told me that I wasn't "allowed to be home." I love my home...I love my family...I love my library...I love my new look in my room...I love my haven of rest...I love my God.

Here's a small update on the happenings of the McDonald's & Co.

We've hired a kitchen manager. Wyntria is such a wonderful asset to our little tea room. She is a great chef, patient, hard-working, and just "simply fastidious!" :)

We also hired a waiter and waitress for the weekdays, and we have Laura coming in every Tuesday and Friday, and another girl coming in on Saturdays. It is so nice to hand over the reigns to somebody else. It has been a long, toilsome and painful journey, but it is finally here, and I know it was naught but the hand of God.

It is amazing how much comfort you find in knowing that all that happens is by the hand of Him who fashioned us. After all, it is only because of Him that I am here today It is only because of Him that we have any hope of salvation, that we can stand fully justified, freely forgiven and wholly pure before a righteous and awesome God. Isn't it amazing?