Thursday, July 30, 2009

Peaches in the summer time, apples in the fall...

The Bandy family invited us to go pick peaches with them yesterday, and we were more than happy to accompany them! We left our home at 8:00 yesterday morning, met up with our dear friends and then piled into three cars and drove down to the peach farm. We spend a few lovely hours picking peaches, visiting, playing, and just have loads of fun together! When we were done, and had a truck load of peaches picked, we packed up and made our way to the Bandy's house for a feast. We aren't quite sure what to call it since it was breakfast food at 2:45, but it was absolutely delicious and time passed much too quickly! I hope you have fun looking at photos from our trip!

Peach season is upon us.

William is either looking for shade, or trying to find the perfect peach.

Grace enjoying the delicious fresh fruit.

Mom and Em shared a peach too!

Awwww, isn't she cute?

William is tired after working so hard...check out his box!
No, he didn't fill that himself. :)

Peach wars broke out.

Caleb is ready to juggle with ripe fruit.

Special time with Dad.

Em eats another peach. She really was enjoying them, despite what her facial expression may communicate. :)

Ashton loads the truck.

You really shouldn't look at the sun, you know...

A peach hiding in the peach tree.

Remember all those old fairy tales where it was a bad witch dressed up like a beggar offering the poor unsuspecting heroines fruit? In fairy tales nowadays, it's Ashton offering the fruit. :)

Will work for fresh peaches.

Ashton looks on his as his brother claims the Prince Peach crown.

Mmmmm....I can still smell them...wait, they are in my kitchen now, so maybe that's why.
Try to scratch and sniff the picture!

The ladies recline and tell Emil which ones to pick.

Jess adds the final touch.

Some more royalty!

The farmer seemed to understand our distress when we realized we were out of baby wipes...he pulled out his stash from his truck and passed them out. :)

My darling parents.

The little girls examining the peach juice marks on their dresses.

The Little Man says, "Go Green!"

So long, farewell!

How could somebody possibly ignore the happy feelings they get when they're on an old John Deere?

See what I mean?

Em's at the top of the world.

Here they come...I was afraid they were going to run over me. :)

William loves to have tractor races. :)

I think Ruth sees another, better tractor.

Dad and the little man. We have so got to get ourselves one of these!

The liquid in the soda can you see beside William made him behave in a very strange manner...

...see what I mean?

Yeah, I told you so!

An Illinois summer...see what you are missing out on? :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

"Take me out to the ball game...." This particular song brings back many memories of going to watch the only sport I really understand and somewhat enjoy. I think I mostly enjoy it because there is so much time to visit with people in the crowd. Growing up, we used to attend a few of the Astros games in Houston each year and this great team still holds a special place in our hearts, even though we live in Cardinal land now. :)

Many people from church walked down to the park near our church building to play some baseball last week. This is the first organized game I think we've least, it's the only one I remember! The first Sunday we were here (almost three years ago...I can hardly believe it's been that long!), we played ball, but my sisters and I were asked to play, so after a fair warning of how bad we were, we played...or, rather, tried to. :) It was a fun afternoon and we have fond memories of the game, but I can without shame say that I am really bad at baseball and would much rather enjoy watching others play. Which is what I did last week...well, that and take pictures. Here are just a few of my personal favorites for you to enjoy!

The players take their place on the field.

William watches, wondering when he will be old enough to play too. And no, he's not biting on the fence, it just looks like it. :)

My wonderful little-but-not-so-little-anymore brother is up to bat!

I'm not really sure what was happening in this photo...nice sky, eh?

Running home. You wouldn't believe how many home runs the men from our church can hit! No, we don't trade players...sorry. :)

Brave Miss Grace takes a turn with a bat...she's much better than I am!

Absolute, pure determination.

Our Marine is ready to swing.

I guess the pitcher was trying to hit Jeremy.

Be very aware of who is chasing you with the ball...
The near accident on home contrasted with the excitement of the other players is just funny.

Josiah swings and hits that ball.

Garr is ready for whatever is about to come.

I missed Peter's amazing slide, so I thought I'd make it up to him by getting his amazing hit...problem is, though, you can't see the white ball. I wonder if they make orange baseballs...

The energetic cheerleaders.

Our friend, Ashton, appears to enjoy playing ball when he's most like a bear.
Wow...that was cheezy... :)

I leave you with another slide, this time, no trampling...
Blue skies, green grass, players sliding and a cool, collected catcher in a Marine shirt...all we were missing was the apple pies and sweet tea!! Oh well, next time, I suppose. :)