Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yes, I'm still alive and as busy as ever! No, I take that back...I'm busier these days. The snow is just about gone now, but these were pictures I had planned on posting awhile ago... Because they were so fun, I decided to go ahead with the blog post. So besides saying that we really enjoy sledding and had a good time, I shall leave you to view the pictures...

Em's face speaks volumes in this picture. Do you really think she's having fun?

Picking up speed.

The epic shot of Caleb.

William's daring feat...he climbed to the top of that mountain.

Dad and Em returning to the top.

Jess wasn't sure that she'd like the old wooden runner sled, so dad became her hero and took her down the hill.

Caleb discovered that a sled wasn't needed. He could sled down the hill in his rubber boots!

Wipe out.
Methinks that this pink-hatted California boy should spend more time in the snow. :)

Here they go again!

Jess and I headed down the hill.
Thanks for getting this one, Mel.

Flap your wings harder! Maybe you'll be able to fly!!

There's the pink hat again...

The tag-along almost made it all of the way.

Now, who do you think won this race? The snazzy girl in the shades? Or the pink hatted guy way back there?

Grace tried to keep up.

But she couldn't. So she caught a ride with dad.
Isn't his hat cute?

Boys will be boys...

They're going for the surfer look.

Okay, never mind that idea. Now for the bottle rocket look...only Jess decided to go for the blown away pose.

They all look happy, wouldn't you say? Caleb looks like he was pasted there.

Like I said before, boys will be boys!

Caleb returns the favor.

Jessica and William, on the other hand, are playing nicely.

His expression says it all.

Good game. I think they were both awfully cold at this point.

And I shall bid all y'all farewell with one last picture of us standing on the lake. We don't recommend that you try this now...the warmish weather that we've had helped the lake to defrost a bit.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas Day. Twelve Days of Christmas. Twelfth Night. Hmmmm, Twelfth Night party anybody?

Last year we hosted a very small Twelfth Night party. We had so much fun, we had to share with others this year! So, characters were chosen, costumes were donned, food was made, a King Cake was baked. Finally, after much anticipation and preparation, the night arrived...and what a night it was! Another lovely evening was spent fellowshiping with dear friends over food, games and, of course, dancing. Despite the flooding at the church, a good time was had by one and all, and we are so thankful to all of those who helped make this dream a reality! It was so sad to see the event come to an close. But all things must end in order to have a new beginning. And this year will be full of these. Enjoy the photos!

Mopping up lots of water on a very cold day was not something we had planned on doing...especially when there were decorations to put up and cakes to finish.

In between the last picture and the one above, no pictures were taken. We were rather busy and preoccupied. Now, however, you may take a peek into our delightful evening...

We were very excited to see Burt and Ernie come to the party...complete with the very loved rubber ducky!

Dread Pirate Roberts concentrates...probably making sure people aren't trying to poison him.

Miss Caroline Bingley and Elena de la Vega are dead set on creaming the other players. I think they did too.

Al Capone forced Robin Hood to join his gang and isn't ready to give up on this round just yet.

Better keep an eye on this guy...he's a sneaky one.

What have we here?!?! Miss Mary Poppins and Bert, the chimney sweeper...what a pair!

*Western theme song begins* Trouble has arrived....looks like the Jesse James brothers are in town.

"Haha! What are you talking about? We ain't asking fer much. We just want yer money and horses. That's all..."

Haydee and Mercedes (no, she's not dressed like a car...). Will they lay aside their grief and bitterness and join hands in friendship? Tune in next time to find out.... Okay, enough of the soap opera sap....

Awwww, what two lovely ladies!

Oh dear. Lucy Ricardo heard about the party and no party is complete without her! Ricky stayed home to keep away from trouble. :)

The Princess Buttercup and Dread Pirate Roberts pose for a quick shot.

It's no use running...they'll find you. Frankie Rio joins up with Al Capone. Really, they're nice guys... *cough*

Looks like we've got some Newsies on our hands! Have you got any papers that need to be delivered?

What do you know! They dance too!

Okay, do I need to share the names of these two? I'm sure the theme song in running through your head already.

Miss Sara Crewe, our Little Princess.

That's right...the name's Bond. James Bond.

Aha...a Spanish Romance...Zorro finds the lovely Elena.

Miss Bingley looking so very refined, as usual. We were quite surprised that she even came to our little country dance. ;)

Run for your life!!! The two worst matchmakers are in town! Miss Emma Woodhouse and Mrs. Jennings! Ahhhhh!!!!!

Robin Hood and Maid Marian were very happy that the church was warmer than the forest.
Photo Credit: Jess

Happy feet.
Photo Credit: Jessica

And the dancing begins.
Photo Credit: ?

*gasp* Are they sharing secrets? They probably don't even know that this picture was taken. Now to find out what they were discussing...
Photo Credit: ?

Look! Dad is dancing too!
Photo Credit: ?

The gents are watching something rather amusing...
Photo Credit: ?

Okay, now that is pretty funny.
Photo Credit: ?

"Let them eat cake."

Sisters, sisters...
Photo Credit: Ashton

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans graced us with their company as well. Have you ever seen such a cute couple?

And the king is found! Zach discovered a coffee bean in his cake. So this means that he gets to plan the party for next year, right?
Photo Credit: ?

And here we are: Tired, happy, pooped, and a few other things. :)
For those of you who weren't able to make it, I hope these pictures helped ease the pain...or did they only make it worse?
Sledding pictures up next!
Photo Credit: Peter