Friday, November 27, 2009

No, the sun was not shining, but then again, we weren't overly concerned. Our "family" was coming over to share a Thanksgiving feast with us and there was still some work to do. As we scurried around getting things finished, I think we were all contemplating the Lord's goodness. I wonder how much society would change if people would recognize that each and every day is a gift and find something to be thankful for. At one point, I took time every day to write down one thing I was thankful for in a little journal I have. It was then that I began to realize how rich this life is, and how God has showered blessings on me, my family and those around me. Every day there is something new...not really brand new, but something I've never seen before. And for this gift, I am very thankful.

The Bible tells us that in everything we are to give thanks. Even on stressful days, there is something we can walk away with, some lesson to learn, and if that's all we can find, then let us be thankful for that! But most days aren't like that, so instead of taking everything for granted, recognize what you've been given. Give thanks to God, and share your thankfulness with those around you.

This year I'm thankful for my wonderful family...I don't know what I'd do without them! I'm thankful for the growth of our family, for my sister, BIL and my nephew. I'm thankful for my church family and how the Lord has knit our lives together in such a unique way. And I'm thankful that the Lord has shown me the path He has for me, and that a new page in my book will begin soon. So with that, I present to you some photos of our very memorable Thanksgiving! If you leave a comment, please mention at least one thing you are thankful for!

Because it was Thanksgiving Day, we brought out some pecans for Miss Suzy. She usually gets the walnuts from the yard, but it was Thanksgiving! She scratches at the door waiting for us to feed her now. Cute, huh?

Mmmmm, Pumpkin Pie with a twist. I think I'm going to modify the recipe again and try it out this Sunday...interested in coming for the taste test?

Dad's carving knife vs. Peter's carving knife. Do I hear bids on the winner?

They might get more meat than I will...but I still prefer my methods. :)

Gathering round to remember the trials of the Pilgrims, to sing and give thanks.

Five Kernels of Corn!
Five Kernels of Corn!
Ye have for Thanksgiving Five Kernels of Corn!

William entertained us as the resident artist.

Many of the same faces were in the photo of the Turkey Carving Class of '08.
Though he was greatly missed this year, we are proud to have one of our "graduates" overseas serving our country as a USMC.
So, above is the Turkey Carving Class of '09!

The little man needed some daddy time.

Yup...he who carves the turkey gets the first bite in our house! Never mind that we have the same turkey carver every year...and I don't think he's planning on retiring anytime soon!

Behold the dining room!

There's just somethin' special about the red-head in the pink shirt!

Poor Jess...she had no idea what we were doing to her photo.

What a happy bunch we are...and you haven't seen the worst yet!

Yeah...I love you too, Meli! :)

Before you continue please read:
Now, after our late lunch, we had some pie, and then we all had some coffee. Five good friends on sugar and caffeine can sometimes be a very scary thing...when we're talking about these five people, we know that each time is a scary time. So, we blame our actions on the sugar and caffeine...or at least, I think we do...

How high can you jump?

Do you see the pattern?

Do you have a funny face? Do let us know!

Awwww...aren't we a nice bunch? You know, that 35 pound weight is really, really heavy!

It would've made a very nice album cover if only we had our hats...

Oh, imagine the excitement when we discovered the ladder!

Here we are on a magic carpet ride. You wouldn't believe the things we saw!

All prepared for Black Friday...anybody see what's so funny about this picture?

Don't ask. I have no idea what they were doing...I wasn't there.

Guess what? We're beginning to crash...

See what I told you? Out like a light...

P.S. ~ If you leave a comment, don't forget your assignment! :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Well, these past two weeks have definitely been some of the busiest 14 days of the year! Each day has had it's own special moment attached to it, and the next few months have promises of the same. Instead of telling you all that we've done, I'll try to share it in pictures. Thanks to Emma, Caleb, Jessica and the Sanford girls for getting some of these shots!

William and his new "do."

We went to a wedding.

Steven peeking around trying to find his bride.

And there she is.

It's not everyday that you see such happiness.

Some of my models were going for a Vogue look...the others couldn't decide.

The epic of them is old enough to have pictures in black and white. :)

There was dancing.

And we got Thomas to play piano for our afternoon class!

Are we sure that Jessica knows how to use that?

Primer painters.

Where's Waldo?

An artistic streak, or is he going for the football player look?

I love to paint...especially when there is such good company to enjoy.

The only picture of Abby that I could find...Em was more interested in taking lots of pictures of Grace...

...who thought that the paint might taste good (Joke-long! :))

Melissa is eating banana, Thomas is washing dishes, and mom is making something. The only thing they have in common is that they're all making a funny face.

Scurrying around.

How much stuff can one hold?

No, can't have my Polo Bears.

I'm not sure if this is a picture of my cute sign, or of the figure we call "Marie Antoinette."

We got to say "Hey" to Garrison over Skype.

Okay...out of all the hair-cutting pictures, this one is my favorite!

Ben wonders what his hair will look like when the professional is finished.

Jess had us all laughing as she tried to figure out how to use their camera.

We made lots of phone calls.

More phone calls! :) Talking to the two who found themselves hungry in the Denver airport.

Hunting for the perfect patterns.

Jessica got some new boots for her birthday.

The Evanses reminded mom that she really liked Pictionary.

My and my gang in Chicago.

Mom thinks that this shiny blue stuff is quite nice. ;)

Melissa thinks otherwise.

Melinda said that her dad would call five times during our trip to the Windy City. Can you guess how many times he actually called? Five.

So, we never ask people to take pictures for us...we always prop the camera on something or put it on the floor. It worked out great this time, only poor Lily got cut out!

Boots. I guess my ballet flats don't really fit in.

Okay, so scratch the blue...what do you think of the yellow?!?

Modeling fabric for me. Love you girls!

So long.'s been a busy two weeks, memorable and very special, but oh-so-busy!