Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life is beautiful. Really, it is. We may be very busy, in the midst of planning and wondering if we really are sane, but sometimes in the middle of what may look like chaos, things are coming together, the is order, and life is beautiful. Here are a few pictures to prove it:

Glue guns are good for many projects!

Busy hands.

Mmmmmm, look at those gorgeous lines on that silk! Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE silk dupioni?

Antique lace and silk roses...what are we making? *grin*

Putting address labels on some envelopes.

Okay, when I say that I'm buried underneath fabric, I really do mean it!
Guess who this is for?

As seen by Jessica....which is probably a good thing, since this was still rather early in the morning. *smile*

Brown swirls.

The birds are coming home!!!

Yes! The grass is getting green, bright colors are being pulled out of storage, and Spring is in the air...and that means something special to me.

See? Life is beautiful! It may be as simple as a favorite fabric, a fun craft, being with those you love, planning a special event, or even the joy of a new season!

Look for miracles in your day.

Do you see the beauty in your life?

Friday, March 12, 2010

A feature that came with my new computer (which I absolutely love, if you haven't figured that out yet, the computer, that is... :)), is the web cam, which I like too. Now, with a web cam, one can video chat and Skype. I thought that was just about it...then we discovered something else! It also takes pictures! You know, like one of those silly photo booths in the mall! When one is surrounded by their amazing family and very fun friends, it doesn't take much to get carried away with a web cam. These selected pictures are up for your viewing....just don't laugh too hard, okay? :)

This was just the beginning....

Hey, even my wonderful Dad came down to join in the fun! :)
Love you, Dad!

Very good friends...I'm gonna miss y'all so much!

*cough* Does this fall under the category of making a joyful noise?

No? Well, moving on...

Yeah, so we even got into the silly cartoon fists.

The little man wanted to be photographed too.

A somewhat normal looking group of girls.

We didn't do it...honestly! It was Sarah...

Do you have the Force?


Caleb meets his twin.

132 pictures later, and we're ready to hit the sack!
Until next time!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A new, beautiful computer (given by a wonderful person) means that there are no pictures on the hard drive yet...no pictures makes blogging a little hard, and going to one's own shower where a camera is taken from them, makes it even more difficult! Thankfully, however, some dear friends with a camera have helped me get out of this pickle. Love y'all!

My wonderful bridesmaids and their dear mother's have been planning a shower for me. After months of plans and ideas, lots of work, delicious food, and some lovely decorations, the day finally arrived! Ben, his mother, and his three sisters flew in to attend the shower with us, and we had a wonderful few days with them. The visit was much too short, in my opinion. :)

Many friends were at the shower, and it was such a joy to be surrounded by people I love. Christa and Mimi even called in on Skype to "attend!" :) Ahhh, the wonderful world of technology. I am blessed, and thankful beyond words. To my dear friends, to my amazing family, and my soon-to-be family, I love you all so much...thank you for everything.

See, Ben was there! :)

Red beads for the table.

So many dear friends.

The judges of Bridal Idol (and my bridesmaids) need food just like everybody else.

And I was hungry!

It looks like I wasn't the only hungry one.

It's almost like Christmas...except I was the only one opening presents! Setting up my own home is going to be so much fun!

Two sisters and a soon to be sister-in-law! Aren't they cute?

Two friends, and two more soon to be sisters-in-law.

Jessica and Melinda did a wonderful job with the games! The only question that confused me was: "What is Tiffany's favorite pastime?" I had a hard time with that one! :)

And Bridal Idol begins! Here is Abigail dressed in a very impressive toilet paper wedding gown.

Lovely Jill gets a turn.

I think that Sara really enjoyed this game!

All of the toilet paper brides and me.

Marie Michelle was the winner of Bridal Idol (and it was a hard choice...you saw the other brides pictured above!) this year.
She had a very elaborate gown, a tiara, shawl, a floral corsage, and she even had a toilet paper ring! Her very talented fashion designers are pictured with her.

We had to put the gifts pretty close to the screen to show Christa and Mimi. They kept asking us to pass things to them. :)

Melinda made this lovely bouquet with all of the ribbons, flowers and whatever else came on the packages.

My mom and I.

My mom, soon to be mother-in-law, and me.

And my side of the wedding party...Christa and Mimi are on the computer screen...now, are we officially weird, or what?

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

William and I made cookies today.

We felt like chocolate.

Chocolate cookies + Raw milk + Kisses from the helper = Very good time.

Enjoy the pictures.

Mixing the ingredients is always a good place to start.

Step two: Look as cute as possible while putting dough onto the cookie sheets.

Eat the leftover dough and get chocolate on your face.

Watch the cookies bake...we want them to come out just right, don't we?

Patiently wait for cookies to cool and give chocolate kisses.

Carefully remove cookies from pan.

It's very important to burn the hand, because that means an ice pack, more kisses and....

...A COOKIE! :)

Other random news...