Monday, October 27, 2008

What a blast we had this year at our Reformation Day Faire! I can't believe it's already come and gone...but, it's never too early to start planning for next year! With this coming year being John Calvin's 500th birthday, the focus of our next event with be on him and his work in Geneva. This year we featured Scotland and John Knox, observed a boffer war and the highland games (and yes, there were participants in these events, but WE were happy onlookers :)), feasted, sang, listened to the delightful music provided by Nathan Clark George, learned about the Reformation in Scotland with some presentations from my dad as well as a short skit. Overall we were very pleased with the event and are already looking forward to next year!

We didn't get as many pictures as we hoped. but thankfully there were other shutter-bugs from church helping to get this event recorded, so you can view more photos here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here! If I come across any more, I'll be sure to put up links! :)

"Yup! Yur my pardner...the one with the big ears, ya' kinda look like Bing Crosby..."
(Thanks to Ben for the inspiration for the caption! :))

Em, Dad and Caleb listening to the music.

Nathan Clark George in concert Friday night.

The Servens who came in costume...only our monk didn't leave the house in that garb. :) Then again, I don't think I would either. ;)

Check out his stylish hat! Isn't he just so cute?!?!

The amazing Raphael was among us again this year!

The seamstresses at the Baggins booth.

Marching to the battle field being led by the piper...does this kind of remind you of the Pied Piper of Hamelin?

Setting up for the first rush.

I just loved those cowboy boots! :) What a Tennessee-an!!

The calm before the storm...

Then comes the battle cry.

And the charge!

Going back in time with the bagpipes during the Highland Games!

Yeah...just ignore the modern technology and that name tag...

See...what did I tell you!? We DID go back in time...check out that spiffy outfit and hat!

Nathan Clark George gets ready to take part in the battle.


Nathan and Caleb.

Caleb and his band of Merry Men.

Doesn't he look warm?

Father and Son.

Battle plans.

In the thick of battle.

Some lovely surveyors.

Lunch was provided by our favorite local meat store and a good time was had catching up with good friends over freshly grilled food.

The caber toss...yes, the Highlanders had some rather strange games. :)

Hoping it's a winner.

Aha! Here's a picture of our Caber Tossing Champion! Master Justin Ryken was able to throw that log farther than anybody else...only because the McDonald lasses didn't give it a try, though. ;)

Jessica (a.k.a. Mary, Queen of Scots) and her train.

An interview with John Knox...during which she sat without speaking, quite mad, for fifteen minutes.
Singing the Psalms with the Serven Clan.

Why, yes! It IS the poster family! :)

Our amazing apple and tomato choppers! Y'all were AMAZING!

3lbs of leafy lettuce to go with Mrs. Bandy's fabulous spaghetti...don't you wish you were there? ;)

And this was just the pasta!

A shilling for their thoughts?

And, as usual, we closed the night with dancing.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

So, I made this dress up last year for our Reformation Day Faire, and since I never seem to get pictures of my dresses when I'm wearing them, I decided to put Melissa in it and get pictures of her! :) they are! Also, I'm going to be selling this on Ebay, so I'll put a link up when I figure out how to get it work. :)

The real dress.

My version...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

This past Sunday the Lord saw fit to add to our numbers. The Bandy family took their membership vows and are now officially members! What an exciting day for us. On Monday, the Elders and Deacons had our quarterly family meeting, so most of us got together earlier in the day and made the meal for that evening...'twas a lovely night and I thought you'd enjoy some pictures from it. :)
William with his two best friends on Sunday.
Sorry, Ashton...I just couldn't resist. :)

Our newest members.

Nope...he's not homeless. :)

Rolling limes...building muscles. ;)

Even Peter came in to help out roll limes!

Auntie Em was one of the many who helped finish eating the limes. *shudder* Makes my jaw hurt just thinking about it!

Becca's up to something sweet...I think that machine is almost as big as her! :)

Melinda checking the chickens.

So we introduced our all time favorite pastime time to the girls...Chicken Pick'n! :)

Yup...even the boys experience the joys of pick'n chicken!

Hmmm...I wonder what they're making?

William can't wait for them to bake.

Yes, Ben, we thought of you as they baked...and then again as we ate them. :) Anybody know what they are?

Kneading sourdough.

Peter's leaning tower of wooden blocks.

Looks like somebody's passing off their sweeping job...:)

Shall we dance?

Oh...Polka anyone?

", that's okay...we'll live without doing the, really..." :)

More on this coming soon!