Friday, March 30, 2007

After we removed a stitch that was left in Emma's hand, her wound has been looking better. Here is a picture I took this morning.

And, since this is what today looks like here in Central Illinois, why not some rainy day photos...

Also, I've put up two pictures on my photo blog.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Just a few moments ago, my Mom was walking out the door to take Jessica to the library. I turned to ask her something when I noticed that she was holding three thick gardening books in her arm. I raised my eyebrow and said, "Mom, you are driving this time."

"I know." She said looking down at her books. "But I thought that I'd read through these while I waited for Jessica to get her things at the library."

"Three books?"

"Well, would you like me to leave one of them for you?"

I just smiled. :)

Ahhh...spring is on the way. The weather is absolutely wonderful, some flowers are blooming and if you look close enough, you can see a leaf or two on some of the trees. :) Apparently, this kind of weather in March is far from normal, but we are extremely grateful for an early Spring. With all of the rain creating mud in our yard, we haven't spent too much time outside. If you haven't noticed, we are all infected with Spring, for a nice cup of tea and that one gardening book my Mom left behind...

Friday, March 09, 2007

My Mom, Emma and I went to the grocery store yesterday. I had Emma in the cart while my Mom was grabbing some vegetables. We were having a Mexican style dinner, so I was getting the ingredients to make salsa. I asked my Mom how many tomatoes she wanted, and after telling me, Emma said, "I do not like tomatoes."

"Oh!" I say, picking up a British accent. "These are not tomatoes, Emma! These are moon-squirters. And moon-squirters are my favorite!"

Emma, knowing I had taken that from a European cartoon, started laughing. When I turned to the side to get some more tomatoes, an older lady, who had apparently heard the whole thing, gave me a funny look and quickly walked away. :)

The things you do to entertain children...