Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I think we lit every candle in the living room on Christmas Eve.

Our Advent candle holder from last year. This year we used a pewter wreath.

Flickers of flame reflecting in Daniels eyes...pretty cool, eh?

Jessica thought so...

Christmas Eve found us playing "Cranium." Over all, it was a pretty fun game.

Daniel reading the instructions...

Don't we look so competitive...

Your time has run out...

Dad visits his "Thinking Spot."

Lost for words? ;-)

As Peter S. so profoundly stated in his hit film debut..."I have no idea!"

Guesses were thrown left and right as mom quickly sketched, trying to beat the timer...

Mom was the artist on team one...somehow, they never had to be blindfolded...our team always did!

The Christmas morning breakfast table...before the food was set out, of course...;-)

Advent candles make a beautiful centerpiece.

A small nativity scene...

...and ornaments from the tree complete the table decor.

After breakfast, we did our last lesson in Advent this year.

And sang William's favorite Christmas song, "O Come, All Ye Faithful."

"Who was talking about gun control???? Was there gun control in the Hundred Acre woods...oh, and I don't recall Pooh having a license....Did you read the black tag on my reads 'Texas'...remember, 'Don't mess with Texas!'"

"How does this thing open????"

Melissa watches with anticipation as Caleb opens a gift from her.

"Christopher Columbus!!!! A Military Surplus beret and personalized dog tags!!!!"

"Thanks, Melissa! Now I can play paint ball in style!" ;-)

"Ohhhhhhh!!!!!! He's going to look soooo cute!!!!"

William opens The Big Book of Tractors, a gift from Christa and Daniel...I wonder if William's dreams are green and yellow?

"Oh the posh, posh traveling life, the traveling life for me!"

After wandering through two malls with no success, we decided to order the special edition of Master and Commander for Dad. I'm not sure who was more excited...him...or us! ;-)

"Hey, Wee-yum(translation:William), now you can wear your own cowboy boots!!!!"

"...but Daddy, the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain!" "Yes, Emma, but we live in Illinois..."

Me and my "doll." I'm glad my parents decided to get this one instead of an American Girl doll.

Jessica thinks she's all ready to go see The Marriage of Figaro with those new old opera glasses.

William (a.k.a. "Bow-Hood/Robin Hood) insisted that Jessica (a.k.a. Maid Marion) ride behind him. :)

William gives "Black Booty" a hug. When he begins to star in those cowboy shows, he'll have to resort to hugging his horse, just like Roy Rogers.:)

Caleb looks smashing in his Special Forces beret from Vision Forum.

Christmas dinner

Thursday, December 13, 2007

'Twas the week before Christmas and all through our home... We have a beautifully busy week ahead of us as Christmas draws nearer. It is so refreshing to sit as a family every evening as we continue through the Advent calendar and sing ancient carols. Christa and Daniel are arriving on Friday afternoon. We are so ecstatic, the girls ask several times a day, "How many more days until they get here?" :) We're hoping we don't get anymore snow until after they're here...we'd like the roads to be plowed for those inexperienced Texas drivers...;-)

I was going to download and then upload some newer pictures, but the computer is having problems reading the camera...I know, all of you Apple users are going to try and tell me that the PC is the problem, or you Nikon users(you know who you are...) are going to tell me it's the Canon...but personally, I think I should stop clicking the "restart later" button and let the computer do it's downloads and restart it... So, without further ado, here are a few pictures of William...the little boy who completes every blog post...;-)

William likes to stand on the chair and study the Nativity.

Even William can't wait for Daniel and Christa to arrive.

And a classic black and white shot of our "little man."

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Random is as random does as random pictures are taken and randomly posted when feeling...oh what's the word...random! ;-)

The other day, green beans with caramelized onion sounded so good, I just couldn't resist having it for lunch...

Cinnamon Pumpkin Seeds for a midnight snack...mmmmmm.... for some black and white shots...we'll start with Zach...are words necessary?

That's quite the mischievous smile...

"Oh, look!...It's time for catechism baseball!!! Can I play?!?"

Such disappointment...poor Stephanie, if only she could speak!

Canon...I'm lovin' it...wait a second...isn't that phrase from McDonald's? ;-)

Caps for sale?

Monday, December 03, 2007

We had a beautiful time at the Pie Auction/Barn Dance/Fund Raiser for Mrs. Moeller last night. It was such a blessing to have been able to attend, support and be a blessing to such a dear friend. We were so excited to see so many familiar faces and had a wonderful time catching up with old friends. For those of you who couldn't make it, here are a few photos for you...

Caleb decided to go for an adventurous look...

During the beginning of the event, Jason and his friend Nate S. provided some humorous entertainment and a juggling show. They made the balls they juggled with and were kind enough to bring extras for the attendees to take home.

While Ashton was capturing the jugglers...

'twould appear that Grace was capturing me...and vice versa, of course... ;-)

And then there was the pie eating contest...I don't think Emma realized what the contestants were going to do. At first she was rather horrified, and then she couldn't stop laughing. :) We should try having a contest for children and make little pies for them...

The contestants wait ever so patiently and calmly for that loud indescribable noise letting them know they could begin...

...and sixty seconds later, the winner once again was Shannon Moeller...and yes, this picture was taken before the contest.

Another part of the evening included a one chapter recitation of "Tom Sawyer" performed by Gretchen S. Caleb thoroughly enjoyed it.

And there is my Dad carrying the beautiful handmade quilt we won. We haven't figured out whose bed it will appear on yet...

The Caramel Apple Pie. I put a lattice top over the crumble topping to give it a finished look. It nearly broke my hear to see it cut in to...:)

After the live auction was done, the chairs were cleared, tables removed and the band tuned their instruments...we were so glad the microphones weren't on for that part...:) The music was fabulous!

Helena Bluedorn and Jessica in a set for the Virginia Reel.

Reeling the set...

Amber and Shannon Moeller reel with Grace and Emma.

Grace and Emma reeling the set...they did such a magnificent job!

Grace and my Dad during the Grand March.

Dad and Abigail keeping the arch up for people to pass through is looking a little painful...

For those of you who've never been apart of a Grand March, you don't know what your missing out on.

The march continues...

It was a rare sight to Nathan Bluedorn, faithful filmmaker/photographer, without some recording device in his hands...and I believe that's his mother on the screen. :)

When all was said and done, the evening was a smashing success! We retired just before the event was officially over, and it didn't take long for the children to get comfortable, warm and fall fast asleep on the drive home. So I leave you with this picture of William, because like I told Emil, no blog post is complete without one. :)