Sunday, August 21, 2005

We left the house around five o'clock on Friday and drove out to Wake Forest, NC to visit Scott and Deborah Brown and family, or, most of the family. The second oldest daughter is in Texas right now. The Browns have an incredible house on 100+ acres in North Carolina. They have three lakes, rolling hills, tall trees, cows, horses, dogs and cats.

Yesterday afternoon, Mrs. Brown, Kelly, Claudia, Mrs. Chancey, Belle, Felicity and I went out for afternoon tea. Their tea shop is in an old building, and they have a chest full of hats and gloves that you can wear for your tea party. We had a delightful time eating scones and strawberry soup with hot Vanilla tea.

We went to church with them this morning, and I ran into a few people that I know from Houston! I saw a family that we used to go to church with, and two people that I know who are in seminary up here. It was rather humorous.

I have really enjoyed my time with the Browns, and hope to have more opportunities to get to know them better in the near future. More photos to follow!
Kelly knitting.
John Nathan being...a boy.
David Brown
Claudia reading next to one of their many windows
Kelly knitting
Me at tea
Belle couldn't wait for the tea to be poured into her cup...
Belle didn't think she was going to like her hat...
But she did!
And she finds tea leaves in lemonade!
Claudia wondering what is in her tea pot...
Miss Felicity
Miss Claudia Brown
Mrs. Chancey looking over the menu
The Chancey boys on the swing
The office.
A view from above
The "lodge room"
The "lodge room"
And a view from the bottom.
The antler chandelier from the top...
John Nathan and Alex playing with Maggie.
The "lodge room."
The fire place that was on the property when the moved here. They took it apart and put it back together in the house.
The doorway into the "lodge room." They have a swing hanging from the ceiling/
The entry way.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

We spent yet another wonderful time in the company of the Shank clan. :) They came out for game night tonight, and we had a splendid time together! While the men played a game of Spades and discussed different topics in the dining room, I taught the ladies to play "The Great Dalmuti" which my sisters were so very kind to send to me. I kept the Dalmuti reign all night! :) Another evening well spent!
Christy, John Nathan, Mrs. Heather and Naomi
Tali knitting a blanket for Erin's baby
Bob Shank and Mr. Matt Chancey
David Shank, Rev David Shank, and Mr. David Shank
Mrs. Lois Shank and Christy waiting for the next round to begin.
Shane Shank just finished his pie
Darling Miss Rose

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

We spend another marvelous evening at the Shank residence. Christy made her famous to-die-for salsa using fresh vegetables they grow in their garden, Katie made an Apple Pie that Grammy taught her how to make, and I made some Fudge Pie. The Ladies Meeting was there tonight, so after dinner, we went down the street to get Katie and Shannon McClay so they could come along. Once we picked them up, our next stop was to get Grammy. This is only the third time that I've met Grammy, but around here, everybody calls her Grammy. I believe that she is related to the McClays, but I don't know for sure. :)

Katie was supposed to know how to get to her house, so once we all were settled, we asked her how to get there. She said she wasn't exactly sure, but asked if we knew how to get to the Rite Aid. Mrs. Chancey said that she knew where the one off of 44 was, and Katie said to go there and she would remember the rest once she saw some landmarks. So we get to the Rite Aid and she tells us to take a right. After doing so, she says, "Oh wait...this is they way to piano lessons! We are supposed to go the other way. So we turn around, call Mrs. McClay (who doesn't answer her phone) start driving around and then we call Mr. Shank, who says, "Well I don't know, but I could show you if I was driving." :) He told us to find the Ace Hardware store and it would be the first right at that intersection. So we finally get there, and take a right, and Katie says it is the other way. So we turn around, and just a few houses down, was Grammy's house. Mrs. Chancey said she wouldn't be surprised when Grammy says, "I wasn't planning on going." Shannon ran in to get her, and when Grammy came out, she said, "Well, thanks for picking me up! I wasn't planning on doing anything tonight!" :)

All in all, we had a delightful time. The Shanks are such wonderful, down to earth, blessed people. They sent us home with more fresh tomatoes! Oh, how I'm going to miss those! :(
John Nathan and Alex offered to eat it, however.
The ugly pie that we didn't take to the Ladies event
The pie we did take. :)
Christy Shank
Naomi holding her sweet sister, Rose
Naomi Shank sitting next to her Grandmother Lois as they rock darling Baby Rose
Judging by their expressions, the topic must not be very pleasant.
Tali talking to the dog, Beaux
Christy Shank, Grammy, Erin and Shannon
I am so sorry that I've not posted an update! We have had so much going on, that trying to squeeze the time in to blog has been close to impossible!

We went over to the McClay's home today to help them paint their kitchen and pantry. Mr. McClay is out of town and Mrs. McClay was hoping to get a few things done to surprise him. After we put a first coat on the walls, the ladies of the house sat down for some Earl Grey tea and biscotti. It was very refreshing. When the second coat was done, Mrs. McClay had to run her two older boys somewhere. While she was away, we decided to surprise her so we scrubbed the kitchen, pantry, back entry way/piano room, and bathroom with bleach, and then put the pantry back together.

We made chili earlier this morning and brought it over in a crock pot. Right before dinner, I made the cornbread, which as usual, wasn't done until after we were done eating. :) So it was dessert for the older boys who went shooting at the Shank's house last night. After dinner, we cleaned the kitchen and left them with a Creamy Peach Pie. (So very good!) Here are some photos from today. I'll try and get an update from the other days that I've missed soon!
Mrs. Chancey in the kitchen
Mrs. Julie McClay painting
The pantry with some paint on it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Miss Chloe
Darling little Chloe