Thursday, November 29, 2007

Once upon a time the story of Cinderella lived in the minds of every child. History became legend, legend became myth, and now after many layers of dust and cobwebs, the Cinderella gown was discovered once the unlikeliest of persons...a Viking. We are very pleased to give you a glimpse of this wonderful discovery...

"To leave, or not to leave...that is the question."

"Happy thoughts? Dancing, singing, never to see a mouse again! I can...

...not fly"

*orchestra picks up in the background*..."The hiiiilllllllssss are alive, with the sound of music....*orchestra fades out*
"Someday my prince will come"

"I have confidence in sunshine..."

"I could have danced all night, I could have danced all night, and still have begged for more..."

"Suddenly, suddenly it happens and your dream comes true...

...Wonderfully, beautifully it happens and your world is new..."

And if Prince Charming searches long enough on Rt. 24 and finds the slipper, they'll live happily every after...;-)

I also put some photos of our Christmas tree set-up on my photo blog.

Monday, November 26, 2007

You are invited to view some of our Thanksgiving Day photos...

No blog post is complete without a few pictures of William...

Isn't he a doll?

The day before our party, we had quite a bit of cooking to do. Here we have Pecan Pie in the making.

The pie dough says it all...

There was an epic battle the night before vs. the pie dough...with all humility, I was victorious.

Somebody is looking a little mischievous...

Somebody else is looking humored...

And somebody else is trying to concentrate on the dough...

The other battle took place between the Queen of Rolling Pins and the Queen of metal mallets...

With all humility, I was....*cough* the end, we decided to get over it and just be friends. :)

Nothing compares with fresh ground pepper...oh, make sure you are sitting down before you continue...

Can you believe it?!?!? Jessica took on the job of massaging and stuffing the two 24lb turkeys we bought this year! I hope you were sitting...if not, make sure you get an ice pack for your head...;-)

Some fresh garlic cloves, pepper, thyme, olive oil, carrots, celery and a few other things...and voila!..the BEST Thanksgiving turkey ever! :)

We carried on the tradition that we started a few years ago...handmade place cards that end up looking like....
...this! Aren't they pretty?

The finished product...(nope, this one isn't a scratch and sniff sticker either...;-))

My completed Pecan Pie.

Jacob E.'s Pumpkin Cheesecake...that stuff is so delicious.

Jessica artistically arranges the marshmallows on the Sweet Potato Casserole.

Our annual expert turkey cutter. My, but he does a fabulous job!

A corncob princess graces the table this year.

And the table is ready for the feasting to begin.

I think she is pleased with the food. :)

These two were called traveling German's on another blog. After their move, we sure do hope they travel up here as often as they visited Tennessee...

This little lady is quite the crawler...on all knees needed. :)

We had snow on Thanksgiving, which was too fun! Lenna, Jess and Sierra, decided it was picture worthy, so I obliged and captured another memory.

"I'm dreaming of a White Christmas..."

Fellowship continues in the kitchen...kind of a cool shot taken from outside...thanks for getting it Sam....I'm glad you didn't mind freezing out there. :)

I have no idea who took this photo of Sam, but it looks like he's saying, "That's all folks! Y'all come back now, ya' hear?!" ;-) Oh, and remember what I said on Sunday, Sam? Whenever you come visiting...just let me know what you want for dessert, 'kay? ;-)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

So, with no ice-cream in the house, which is our daily calcium intake...(I mean, Jessica's legs hurt if she doesn't get any...;-)) we didn't have much to do. (I know you have a hard time believing that the three of us girls found ourselves lacking the inspiration to do something...but it happened tonight...;-)) I have a few sewing projects I'm working on, but nothing really pressing...yet. :) So, I whipped out the camera and decided to take over some more hard-drive space with some *art-sy* photos that I entitled, "Letters From War."

Monday, November 12, 2007

My dad and Caleb did some raking the other day. They made two good sized piles and the following day, I took the little ones out to play in the leaves, take a walk and of course, take photos. :) I thought you might enjoy these:

Surfing on the...leaves...

Maid Marion and Sir Robin find the leaf pile much to their liking.

A kiss for the fair maiden?

The Queen of Leaves

"Yeah, let's try to keep the leaves out of my face..." ;-)

"Hey, it's almost over my head!"

Jumping in.

"Look! I can throw leaves and it's okay!!!"

They almost look like twins in this picture...

Jessica...mostly buried in the leaves. :)

Emma, Jessica and William enjoying the lovely weather.

I think he's happy.

Gazing in wonder at the changes our creative God has wrought.

"Something is sticking to my hand, again!"

The leaves are turning, the days are shorter, and snow is "Coming Soon to a yard near you"...well, not all of apologies for getting your hopes up. :)

The silent reflections of a nine year-old.

Robin Hood and his Maid Marion watching the horses across the lake.

Throwing stones, or skipping stones...I'm not sure which.

Their new album cover, For God and know they sing in
four part harmony and A Capella, right? ;-)

How she manages to get mulch in her shoes every time she walks across the driveway, I'll never know.
Follow the...grey gravel road...