Monday, September 21, 2009

Alrighty....I'm home from a wonderful trip out west, so I've decided to post about the Pumpkin Festival, which happened before my trip, but I never got around to posting about it. So, while I go through all of the pictures that were taken this past week, please enjoy the pictures below!

At the Pumpkin Festival, our church had a booth to let people know about our upcoming Reformation Day Faire, as well as to take part in the festivities. Many of our church families were there as well, which always makes fairs and carnivals more exciting. Another detail which made the weekend just wonderful, was that Desert Skies Band was in town, playing at the festival and then at church on Sunday afternoon. For those of you who haven't heard of Desert Skies Band, you really ought to check out their website and listen to their music. Homeschooling family with an amazing story! We had a wonderful time getting to know them better and hope they come back our way very soon. :)

Good friends and sisters standing in line for Pumpkin Ice Cream.

Hannah sees a ride she wants to go on.

The little man is loving his ice cream...that is, until his throat started hurting.

The Rock-a-Plane...'twas the ride that made me sick!

Wouldn't that make you sick?

My favorite ride, known as "The Couch" at the Turkey Festival, at the Pumpkin Festival they called it "Ali Babba."

Ooooooo....cotton candy!

Caleb's Sunday birthday cheesecake.

Desert Skies preformed during the Pumpkin Festival.

Six girls on violins...wonderful music!

Sierra shares a smile.

Grace and Abby were so happy to spend the afternoon with Natalie.

The girls are all set to go on the "roller coaster."

You see those arms waving madly? Those belong to the girls.

Mrs. Haroldson strummin' on her six string...I honestly have no idea how many strings are on that just sounded right. :)

They sing. They play. Do they dance?

A lovely Sunday afternoon with fantastic music...what could be better?

Miss Jocelyn played "Bile Them Cabbage Down" for Em is inspired to learn the violin!

Desert Skies band.

Making new friends.

Em, Grace and Jocelyn having a good time.

The menfolk chatting.

Many thanks to the Haroldson family for blessing us with amazing music and warm friendship! We hope y'all had a lovely weekend and enjoy the rest of your U.S. tour!!!

Y'all come back now, ya' hear! :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another one of the highlights of our trip in Virginia, was going to the beach. We stopped there on our way home to play in the water and collect shells to bring home. Here are a few photos from our outing that day...

Why walk when you can run?

Two happy girls in the water.

Three happy girls about to be hit by the water.

The adorable little man who wasn't so sure about the the end, he was soaked and didn't want to leave!

The little girls collecting shells to take home.

Watching ships in the distance.

"The distance is like footprints in the sand..."

Leaving our touch on the shore.

There's nothing like buried feet in the sand.




Our shadows in the water.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Virginia has always been the favorite state in the McDonald household. For years, we tried to think up reasons to visit, and try to find ways to move. It's a state with so much history, there are stories of the early colonists, there is such a passion for why America fought for freedom, there are markers and historic sites from the War Between the States, and there are great cemeteries, where those who fought for a worthy cause have been laid to rest. The homes of our great forefathers are there. Their stories can be told by just visiting the places they lived. Not only that, Virginia is full of beauty...lush green mountains on one side, the Shenandoah Valley, and the great ocean on the other side.

We've been to Williamsburg a few times during our trips to Virginia, and each time feels like the first. We spent all day Friday there, in costume and had a wonderful day together - learning, sharing, and experiencing life during the 1770's in Williamsburg. The reenactors do a fabulous job portraying their characters. There are Patriots, Tories, invigorating speeches, tragic stories, and so much more. One day, when we're all grown, we plan to have a family reunion in Colonial Williamsburg...our love for this great town will be shared with our children. :) So, enjoy the few pictures below!

A patriot and his daughter.
Yes, her dress used to be much longer and yes, she loves her flip-flops.

Taking a ride on the bus which would bring us to our destination.

The little ladies in the gardens at the Governor's Palace.

The family in the gardens.
Photo Credit: A kind gentleman we met on the bus.

The cute parents who were also in the last post, but will not be in the next.

William adores his Em.

The McDonald gentlemen with Patrick Henry.

Shopping for household wares, gifts and I do believe mom is looking at a drum. Do you think we ended up buying it? :)

William found a Colonial boy doll.

Setting type at the printing press.

The little McD children with the printer.

The wig maker informed us of the latest fashions and tried to convince us to shave our hair off and wear wigs.

We talked with Gen. Lafayette for a while before the Declaration of Independence was read. Abby and Em enjoyed petting his horse.

Nap time?

The town nuisance. She was hilarious!

The traitor Benedict Arnold tried to convince us to side with the British.

Dad and one of the gentleman in town.

"And the band played on..."

You see William beside Grace? He's begging to get in.

So he got in...only he didn't really like to put his head in...

I think he liked this better.

Orders were shouted and the men were ready to....


Now, the guns were pretty loud, and some of the kids thought that was enough. These guys didn't.

After the shout to "Ready yourselves!", the guys beside the canon would lean over, plug their ear and the canon boomed. Pretty impressive.

Our midshipman, inspired to fight for freedom.

Jessica, inspired to make new dresses for next year. :)

Dad, mom and some of the kids on the lane.

Next post: Virginia Beach!