Sunday, May 01, 2005

On the Lord's Day

At the end of our church service today, we sang a new closing hymn. It is an old Jewish song, entitled Shalom Chaverim. The song is absolutely beautiful. The little girls enjoy singing both the English, as well as the Hebrew lines. The tune can be found at

Shalom chaverim, shalom chaverim, shalom, shalom!
Luhitraot, luhitraot, Shalom, Shalom!

Farewell good friends, farewell good friends, Shalom, Shalom!
Till we meet again, till we meet again, Shalom, Shalom!

The Lord’s Day is truly a wonderful and refreshing day. A day to celebrate, to give thanks, to grow, to fellowship. It is a day to be reminded of the great sacrifice Christ made for His chosen people. His depth of mercy, His vast amount of love, His empowering forgiveness – He is truly an awesome God. How much easier it would be to make a sacrifice for those whom you not only loved, but who also loved you. Our King sent His only Son to lay down His life for those who didn’t love Him. This kind of love can’t be measured.

We are commanded to love the brethren—to be longsuffering, gentle, and patient. It sounds so easy, and yet in our everyday lives we get frustrated and overwhelmed. We so quickly forget what Scripture teaches on love and we think about ourselves and what would be more convenient for our wants. Why should we go out of our way to bless someone, to help carry the burdens of others, especially when they never do so for us?

Where would we be if Christ would have thought this way? What an incredible debt we owe our King. By taking His example and lead, so we should also treat the brethren. We should always seek their good, but not for our glory, but for the glory and praise of our King. In doing so, the world will see something different, they will see true love and they will wonder what drives us to do what we do. This is one of the greatest witnesses of all time. What a privilege to be chosen for such a calling. May we always strive to be worthy of our calling, and in our time of need, may His love and mercy be there to carry us on.


  1. Tiffany,

    I share your love for this tune.My younger sister and I have a round that we play for 2 violins, it is really a gorgeous piece. Thanks for sharing it.

    BTW how is that new little brother doing?

  2. Oh! I'm sure that sounds delightful! Y'all will have to play that for us when we are able to get together. :)

    William is doing great! He sleeps all day, and wakes up to visit right before I head off to bed. So, of course, I stay up much longer than planned to "talk" with him. Funny how it seems that I do all the talking...

  3. Anonymous12:59 PM

    tiffany, you are always doing all the talking in conversations! :)

  4. Anonymous10:20 AM

    What are you talking about?

  5. Hi Tiffany!

    Just found your blog. I didn't know that you had started one. (careful, they are addicting.) Anyhow, as I was looking at the pics of your new baby bro, I thought he was looking cute, and that reminded me of that conversation we all had one night on guys and girls conceptions of the word "cute." Good memories.

    I hope you all are doing well down there.


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