Monday, September 19, 2005

I think that the older I get, the faster time seems to slip away from me, the slow relaxing days seem to be quickly vanishing from sight and the more sleep I seem to need! I don't think my life has ever been such a whirwind of constant activity.

In just a few short weeks, some friends of mine have moved from the Houston area and relocated, yes only a few hours away...but that is still a few hours away. I passed a test, my bedroom has been designated the "Second Nursery," our store has been extremely busy... and so many other things have happened that my brain is too frazzled to remember.

I went to a conference on Saturday, and to my delight, the Brown gentlemen were there! In between sessions, we spent some time visiting. When David wasn't snapping photos or talking with older people, he was talking to William and keeping him happy, which I am extremely grateful for! Jonathan Erber and one of his brothers were there, I believe taping the conference. Caleb was so excited when he saw Jonathan and spent most of his time talking to him. We tried to get them to come out to our house, but their short visit to Houston didn't allow for it. :( Maybe next time!

We also had a hurricane Katrina victim family move in with us yesterday. They will be staying with us until they make decisions on where to stay. In the meantime, they have been a tremendous help here at the store! The oldest daughter also plays the harp and has promised lessons to those interested. :)

During the past week, I had so many accidents in the kitchen, that our employees have started calling all bloopers or accidents, "Tiffanys." I even made a "Top 10 Stupid Things I've Done Today" list, but by the time I got home from the store the night I made it, I was too tired to post it. So instead of the top ten "Tiffanys" I committed in one day, I've done what is below. I didn't put it in order of how stupid the crime was...I'll let you decide.

The top 10 stupid things I've done this week:

1. Cut my fingernail in half instead of cutting basil
2. Hit my head on the soap dispenser above the sink in our store kitchen
3. Hit my head on the car door.
4. Dropped the milk gallon on the floor and while attempting to rescue my skirt, I let the milk get away from me.
5. Thinking I had an oven mitt on, I tried to get something out of the oven and burnt my hand.
6. Overflowed the sink at the store.
7. Dropped butter on the floor and then stepping on it when I was trying to clean it up.
8. Cut my finger instead of the food that needed chopping.
9. Spilled coffee down the front of me.
10. Dumped the custard filling for the quiche all over the counter and the floor.


  1. Don't worry it was just a bad day.
    Who knows, maybe you'll have an extra good day soon!

  2. Tiffany,

    Is it possible that the reason you couldn't post the top 10 list after making it, is the same reason you committed the crimes?

    Also, this might be a sign of my own sleepiness, but I was really beginning to feel sorry for you until I read crime number eight as:

    "8. Cut my finger instead of the foot that needed chopping."

    It's to bad we couldn't stop by while we were in houston, but I'm sure we will work that out sometime down the road.


  3. Oh, Tiff, you're so holarious. I guess I should feel sorry for you since you went through so much pain and agony (hehehe) but it's just TOO funny!!!

  4. Kayla1:03 PM

    Hey Tiffany! How are you? :) Just wanted to say "hi"!

    Keep safe from the hurricane!! Let me know if you all need anything, at all! :)


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