Sunday, October 08, 2006

I've been tagged again. Another tag that gives out more information about myself...whoever thought of these things must be a real busy-body. Alright, now to fulfill my duties...

Five Things in my Freezer: (since we've just moved in, there is not much there...)

1. Whole Chickens (without the feathers and such)
2. Pumpkin and Pecan Tarts (yummm)
3. Strawberries (for milkshakes of course, my greatest weakness :))
4. Peaches
5. Ice (because down south we use a lot of it)

Five Things in my Car:

1. A Car-seat
2. Wet wipes (for the messy people)
3. Cell phone chargers
4. A smelly thingy-ma-bobber from Yankee Candle (one of these days, Jess and I are going to start a company called Rebel Candle ;-))
5. EZ Tag (that needs to be taken down since we don't live in Texas anymore and they are quite useless here...)

Five Things in my Closet (I don't exactly have a closet yet, since that will come when we finish our room, but right now we have):

1. Clothes
2. Linens
3. Sewing Stuff
4. Coats
5. Shoes

Five Things in my Purse:

1. My wallet
2. My keys
3. A compact
4. A pacifier (for those emergency moments when all else fails...)
5. A Bishop chess piece (which is on my key-ring, but I couldn't think of anything else in my purse)

Five Things in my Wallet :

1. The likeness that looks nothing like myself, more commonly known as an ID
2. My credit card (which has a few scratches on the back of it)
3. My membership cards to all my favorite stores
4. Contact Cards (or "business cards" for friends without a business, just a card)
5. An old family photo (taken before William was born)

Five people that I will inflict this torture to...

1. Jessica
2. The Unknown (or David P)
3. Merisha
4. Grace Bandy
5. Samuel Evans

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  1. Talya6:14 PM

    Yes,the person who invented these is/was a busy body.

  2. Hey Talya! How are y'all? Give my love to your family, and do let us know when you decide to come for a visit! We miss y'all!

  3. Come now, Tiffany. Your bag is large enough to hold more interesting things than that. How about chopsticks? A measuring tape? Tweezers? Surely you can't have a bag as unusual as yours and carry only the conventional items. :-)

  4. lol, are you talking about my Duct Tape (registered name, BTW ;-)) bag? That is actually my knitting bag, not my purse, although I will admit that I have tossed my wallet in that bag when I'm not the one driving. ;-)

    Hey, did you know that there is a Duck Tape club? Think we should join??

  5. HOWDY!!!! wow aint I glad I aint tagged! lol sup? how is the cold weather?? it is like 80's and 90's down here!


  6. Ah, I was think of your knitting bag. I never heard of the Duck Tape club before, but now I'm intrigued...

  7. Anonymous9:17 PM

    Tiffnay, why did you have to pick me?!?

    Five things in our frezer:

    1. Maple twist rolls (my favorite:))
    2. Ice cream
    3. Waffles
    4. Dinner rolls
    5. Meatballs (anybody hungry yet??)

    Five things in our van:

    1. Car seats
    2. A book bag
    3. Trash can
    4. Kleneex boxs
    5. Ummm....air?

    Five things in my closet (that reminds me, I have to clean my closet... :()

    1. Clothes
    2. Sewing stuff
    3. Rubbermaid containers
    4. Hangers
    5. Many, many things that don't need to be there.....

    Five things in my Purse:

    1. Rubber bands
    2. Bobby pins
    3. Toothbrush :)
    4. Floss
    5. Kleneexs (how are you supposed to spell that anyway??)

    Five things in my wallet:

    1. Money
    2. Hopechest key
    3. Air
    4. Air
    5. Air

    Five people I will inflict this torture to.....

    1. Lala
    2. Krista
    3. Anna Price
    4. Emil
    5. Sierra

    When are we going to make the dress??

    Grace Bandy

  8. Nathaniel,

    Nice to hear from you! We are loving the weather up here. Somebody told us that it just might snow on Thursday...think it will happen? The high for today is 54. Now don't you wish you could be up here too? ;-)


    Just google "duck tape," and I think that it is the first link...pretty cool stuff. See you Thursday, right?


    I love air! :) Too funny. Are y'all coming to church on Sunday? I made a skirt, and I think that I'll get one for Jess done by Sunday, so you'll have to see them. Do you have the fabric and such for your dress, or just the pattern? See ya!

  9. The deed is done.

    right here


  10. I'll do at soon as I can, Tiff!



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