Friday, March 09, 2007

My Mom, Emma and I went to the grocery store yesterday. I had Emma in the cart while my Mom was grabbing some vegetables. We were having a Mexican style dinner, so I was getting the ingredients to make salsa. I asked my Mom how many tomatoes she wanted, and after telling me, Emma said, "I do not like tomatoes."

"Oh!" I say, picking up a British accent. "These are not tomatoes, Emma! These are moon-squirters. And moon-squirters are my favorite!"

Emma, knowing I had taken that from a European cartoon, started laughing. When I turned to the side to get some more tomatoes, an older lady, who had apparently heard the whole thing, gave me a funny look and quickly walked away. :)

The things you do to entertain children...


  1. Ha,ha! What cartoon is that from?

  2. BBC's "Charlie and Lola." :) The kids have some of them on DVD.


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