Saturday, June 16, 2007

Here are some more photos from our trip to Jamestown and Williamsburg. We arrived home around 1:30 this morning after spending a fabulous week learning from the past, walking the streets of those who have gone before us, and visiting with some wonderful like-minded friends. I have some more photos on what was going to be our travel blog, but the Internet connection at the hotel was so slow and we were so busy, I didn't have time to upload photos everyday. So, if you would like to view pictures from earlier in the week, visit this blog. I also put some other random photos on my photo blog.

The McDonald Family outside of the church in Williamsburg.
Midshipman McDonald and Miss Virginia resting on Merchant Square.

The Little McDonald Maidens and our powder monkey, William.

Miss Abigail and Master William.

Rev. George Whitefield speaking in the Kimball Theatre (as played wonderfully by my dad).

Mr. Patrick Henry.

Miss Virginia standing beside the pew of Mr. Patrick Henry.

Miss Jessica and myself with one of the sailors on board the Susan Constant.

Miss Emma and Miss Virginia enjoying the breeze above decks.

Midshipman McDonald oversees the activity on board the ship.

Midshipman McDonald posing with the sailor on the Susan Constant.

Miss Emma and Miss Virginia on board the Susan Constant.

Midshipman McDonald checking the canons.

Midshipman McDonald taking charge during battle.

Dad and one of our little angels walking to the theatre.

At the Jamestown settlement viewing the herbs.

Master Thomas C. assisting Miss Virginia with the water.


  1. Cool costumes. We seen Little Bear Wheeler yesterday and he wore his George Washington getup. Looked kind of like your dads outfit.

  2. Looks like SOOO much fun, wish we coulda gone!

  3. Talya2:40 PM

    Thank you for all the photos.It looks like y'll had a fun trip.

  4. Was there dancing?

  5. Anonymous7:46 PM

    What lovely dresses, where did you get the patterns, or did you make them yourself?


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