Monday, July 16, 2007

Well, I try not to post bad news, but these two just can't be helped...

Daniel and Christa found out last week that they will not be transferred to Memphis. We are all very disappointed, but we are hoping and praying that he gets moved to Indiana instead. :-D

My computer died this afternoon. I had it open and went out of the room and when I returned, the screen was black and in white letters it read, "Error loading operations system." I'm not sure if the blue screen of death is worse or not, but this computer has hundreds if not thousands of photos on it that I've been working on re-naming, organizing and transferring to external hard-drives. Please pray that we can at least get the data off of the computer.

By the way...the computer's name is Ethnie...


  1. Ethnie indeed. Silly girl.

  2. You name your computer? I approve!

    Mine is named Lupus. I've also named my hard drives. My main drive is called Wolf Pack. My big external hard drive is named Alpha Male, and my bitty external drive is name Wolf Pup.

    Uh, no, no particular theme here....

    Hope that you get your pictures back. We lost the layout files for my last book in a hard drive crash, so I understand your pain.

  3. Hi Tiffany,

    If it really is just an OS error, all your files should be recoverable easily. The hardest part is getting the hard drive out to get to it.

    I've had windows crash a few times on me, I just connected my hard drive to another computer and transfered all my personal files to another hard drive (this was my pre-mac days). I also recently recovered files for someone who had taken the computer to a so called "computer repair shop" they told her they would have to wipe the hard drive and re-install windows and they would not be able to recover her data.

    I took the hard drive out, copied her data to another drive, wiped the drive, re-installed windows, and everyone was happy.

    Anyway, if you take it in somewhere DON'T let them wipe that hard drive. There's a good chance all the data is still there.

  4. You could try to reinstall your operating system, whatever you use; Windows or Linux. You can create a bootable disc from another computer with the same operating system and then plug it in to Ethnie then install your operating system.

    We name our computers after people that have previously owned our computers. We have Darren, Valery, David (which I smoked the motherboard), Mother (which is moms computer), Tim, Cindy, and dad has two computers he didn't name after people.

    Seth, man, I hadn't thought of naming hard drives! That's pretty cool.

  5. TJ, I hadn't thought of that. I'm not much of an expert on the physical components or Windows, but web design is my expertise. =]


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