Friday, April 18, 2008


"At the Earth's surface, earthquakes manifest themselves by a shaking and sometimes displacement of the ground."

Earthquake: a disturbance that is extremely disruptive

Anybody else experience this?


  1. Yeah, I felt it last night and it woke me up I was so scared because the dresser was shaking, the bed was shaking, the stairs were shaking, everything was shaking! So, I thought
    I would wake Grace up and I said "Grace, Did you hear that?" but, she would not wake up she did not even hear me! I did not want to wake her up anymore. So, I thought I would run downstairs to tell Dad that I was scared. And as I ran down the stairs I slipt and almost fell. But, I stopped myself :D. Then I saw Dad in the dinning room and I said that I felt something under my bed and sure enough it was the earthquake. Dad tuked me in bed and a few minutes later I was aleap in bed!

  2. I live about 45 minutes north of Cincinnati, and I felt it, although I was half asleep so i didn't know what it was. When i got up this morning,I asked my mom if we have earth quakes around here, and she thought i teasing her. Then she told me that we really did have one, so now i know that I'm not crazy!

  3. Wow, two blog posts within the last 24 hours. You have now raised blog-posting standards to an unattainable level.

    Unfortunately I missed this...bummer.

  4. nope.. I didn't feel anything ! LOL ; )

  5. We had three or four in CA within ten years. Most of them we could barely feel but there was one I will remember for a long time.

  6. Melinda2:17 PM

    Yep we felt the shaking here too! It was pretty scary!! I didn't think they happened here in IL... Oh well, now I know! :)

  7. we actually had one here about a month ago at 1:29 in the morning. I was asleep and woke up thinking my DH was shaking the bed till I heard my glass on the side table shaking. :) quite a strange feeling!


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