Monday, December 15, 2008

I really can't believe how busy we've been this past week...everyday life, church functions, planning our Candlelight Christmas service, the Sing-it-Yourself-Messiah, as well as various colds and flus going around. :) As I look at the pictures that have been taken, I've been interrogating my creative juices wondering what to post on! So, instead of picking just one thing, I decided to give y'all a little peek into what has been happening in the McDonald home. I also have some blog awards to tend to, so beware, my faithful readers, you may happen to be awarded in the very near future! :) Until then, here are some pictures...

Dad and Abigail wrapping presents...special memories in the making.

What would we do without dessert...okay, so my love of photographing food has returned...:)

Sarah thinks they're nuts...

Practicing for the Candlelight service!

Yet more practice is heard...and seen.

With sickness coming upon us at a rather inconvenient time, fresh juice seemed to be a fitting drink.

Mmmmm...there's nothing like fresh carrot apple juice when you're sick.

And there's nothing like mom's pot pie, either!

Ahhh, yes. Christmas baking is upon us! Guess who?

Okay, so that was a little easy, wasn't it? Here's my first little helper, thrilled that our traditional Snowballs were on the menu.

My second little helper. Once she heard what Emma was up to, she suddenly appeared in the kitchen, apron and hat on and ready to bake. :)

Rolling...continuous rolling...

"Like this?"

Ze leetle Chef is back! And zis time, he's sporting a Cafe Du Monde apron...

"You roll'a the dough into leelte balls like a'this, and then'a you put'a them on'a the pan to bake."

Kiss the cook.

"Can we stop taking pictures and get back to the cookies?"

Our Chef and his new favorite toy...the giant rolling pin.

Such wonderful helpers!

My Little Merry People, with ever ready smiles and such willingness to help...especially if it means taste testing afterwards. :)

Yum...soft, warm freshly dusted in powdered sugar Snowballs, ready to mail out with our Christmas packages.

The traditional Espresso Macadamia Nut Bark...Grandpa's favorite candy.

Sore throat and all, we sat in the soprano section ready to once more be swept away with Handel's amazing work.

Mom, Dad and William find a comfortable place where they can be blessed by the music.

Our third year and already looking forward to next years!

And so I leave you with a last glimpse of this truly awesome event.


  1. Looks fun!! 3 more days!!!!

    Love you and see you soon!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. What fun!
    I read your sister's blog, and have been following yours. Have a merry Christmas, Tiffany!

  4. I pray that health will return to the McDonald household. Try a little more of that Espresso Macadamia Nut Bark, it couldn't hurt...

  5. What great photos!
    I love Handle's Messiah, too. :)
    I use to sing it every year in choir with a full orchestra....those were lovely times!
    Yum, that espresso macadamia nut bark looks scrumptious, is it a secret family recipe?

  6. My first reaction is that the McDonald family is quite busy! But, that is not really unexpected.....

    Delightful, I have missed the photographs of food. Let the salivating re-commence!

    They are, that is all I have to say.

    I do love carrot juice, and I like apple, but I have never had them mixed. The fruit-vegetable combination always has seemed a little strange. Rather like spinach-orange, or grape-potato...

    Ah, Em, she is much too cute. Is it not so fun to have siblings as helpers? I could not do it without my "minions", as I call them. Truly, I makes you feel bad for the only children!

    Tell William I love the hat!

    A sing along! Did they have a little bouncing ball to keep you all on the same word?

    Thanks for sharing the busy details of your house!


  7. Christa,

    YUP!!! Hopefully they'll let Daniel off tomorrow so we can see you tomorrow! :)


    Welcome! I hope your stay here is enjoyable. :) A very merry Christmas to you and yours!

    Mr. H.,

    lol...I hadn't thought of trying some of that yet. I think there is some left over from our packages, so I just might. :) I hope Nick is feeling better soon.

    Miss Jen,

    Attending the Messiah is one of the highlights of the year! One of these days I'll actually really learn the parts so we don't get lost. :)


    Yes, we're busy...but really, it's a very common thing in our home. 'Twould be quite dull if we weren't! :)

    Eeew...grape-potato?!?! That is nasty! Carrot juice by itself is okay, but the very best way to have it is with fresh pineapple juice and served over ice. :) It's very good with apples too...oh, and throw a little orange in there as well...yum. I might have to make some more now. :)

    Minions? lol, that's funny. What a terrible lot it would be to find yourself an only child. :( I love having little hands to help.

    A bouncing ball...hmmm, I might have to mention that for next year. :)

  8. Hi there!
    I was wondering if you might be willing to share all three of these yummy recipes!!!! The cake, the snowballs and the nut bark all look BEYOND delicious!

    Mrs. U

  9. I just noticed that I'm on your list of blogs. I feel so honored! :)


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