Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Before I took off for Springfield tomorrow and snapped some more pictures to blog, I thought I'd post some photographs I took at the Tea Party last week. Sorry, but there aren't any captions...wait, there is one on the first picture. :)

My favorite sign of the day.


  1. I love the last picture, so true and so funny!

  2. Love the picks of the signs, especially the first one about homeschoolers. My family and I went to our local tea party here in Maine and it's great to see others having done the same thing! :)

    God bless,

  3. Anonymous4:13 PM

    I like those signs! :) You have a very interesting blog! I enjoy reading it.
    Rachel ( a friend of Brooke Whitaker)

  4. It's good to see people caring about what their government does. As a city employee, I have lots of stories about how money is thrown away. It's worse than you think...

  5. Thanks for the pictures, you had much better signage in Illinois...

    "without better representation" That is the best of the whole lot!

    The group shot was like a Where's Waldo book, I was looking for all of the people I know. There were quite a few.

    Oh, and I hope Obama doesn't realize the potential revenue stream he is missing, and start taxing blogs, on a per picture basis....



  6. Jessica,

    The little girl was so cute and very serious...couldn't resist snapping a picture of her. :)


    I saw that saw as I was leaving...couldn't believe I had missed it the whole time I was there! :) I wonder how the Boston Tea Party went... :)


    Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy my random musings. Hope to see you at the Reformation Day Faire!

    Mr. H.,

    Oh, I'm sure you do have stories! The crowd started chanting, "No more taxes!" and it sounded way to similar to "No more Texans!" for our comfort. We were happy when they changed to "No more spending!" :)


    We did have some good signs...they could've had better speakers, but oh well.

    There were many people from SMI and church there, so you're right, you probably knew many of the people in that picture.

    Shhhh, don't give Obama anymore ideas! :) See you soon!

  7. Loved your poster!
    Great post, great pictures. :)

  8. That's awesome! I hear there will be July 4th TEA Parties too. I hope the movement keeps up!



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