Monday, May 04, 2009

After a long time in coming, the young men at church were thrilled when May 2nd finally arrived. May 2nd was the long awaited paint ball game at the Ryken's house. In our home, and I'm sure others were the same way, the camouflage, guns and gear were set out days in advance in eager anticipation of what was coming.

As I promised Mr. H., a good friend of mine who has been kind enough to loan me his lens, I've started an assignment to use the lens and post pictures. Yes, I would've posted about this event anyway, but having this lens around at this time, was absolutely wonderful! I was able to get pictures I've never been able to get before and was quite happy with the way they turned out. So, without further ado, here are the pictures, which start out with the cute little people from church and then move onto the game...

The lens.

My little man thought he was going to get to play...

...he found flowers to blow instead.

He was rather serious about the whole thing. :)

Ready to blow!

Isn't she cute?

I couldn't decide which one I liked better, so I posted both. :)

Skipping stones.

Throwing sticks.

Finding bigger sticks.

A penny for your thoughts?

Friends and comrades...should we call them Jedidiah and Octavius? :)

Wearing his father's camouflage.

Checking the guns.

Silently moving through the forest, keenly aware of his surroundings and eyes sharp, waiting for sight of the enemy.

Somebody "died".

Hmmm, easy target, or is that the dead men's platform?

Looking behind.

Taking cover and surveying the field.

Ever so quietly he waits, patiently and calmly as the sound of gun shots are heard in the distance.

His time came, and he served well...went out with his boots on, too.

Soldiers in training.

The army.


  1. Hmm, I don't think I would like to play this game... to agressive : D

    Springfield?! We're only like two hours away! You all used to live in TX? We did too! AND I AM LOYALY a Texan FOREVER!

    Signed in Silence,
    Private Pepper the Pest

  2. Me thinks I spy a California boy among those trees.Had a hard time telling who was who though. :)

    Gorgeous shots Tiffany. I'm sure the lens was an asset for distance, but the good Lord has gifted you with much talent.

    I especially like the shot "Silently moving...".

    Blessings, Mrs.H

  3. LOL!
    Looks like fun!!! We just saw Bedtime Stories! My brother is getting into paint ball now! We sisters had better be on our guard, or we might turn into targets!

  4. WOW! that is a NICE lens! I am hoping to get a Nikon D60 soon.
    You got some amazing shots too!
    Looks like your Little Man had way more fun blowing those flowers than paintballing anyway!
    My Little Man brought me a dandelion to blow yesterday cause he couldn't blow it all off! LOL!

    Looks like a fun time! :)
    The Daily Planet

  5. I'm tickled! Thanks, and good job.

  6. lthilwen,

    No, I don't plan on playing paint ball, either! :) I shoot people with cameras, and they were good enough to save a mask for me. :)

    Yes, we moved from Texas almost three years ago, and we'll always remain as Texan as we can! :) Oh, y'all should have attened the homeschool convention...then we could've met in person! Next time! :)

    Mrs. H.,

    Yes, there is a California boy out there...not the one I was hoping would get off of the plane, but still... ;) I had a hard time telling them apart, and I know them all!

    I'm glad you liked the pictures. Your favorite is my favorite too! :) Nathan S. is a cutie. See y'all soon!!!! :)


    Yes, stay far away! :) I wear white to the games so they don't shoot me, but they've come pretty close still! I have yet to be shot, and hope it never happens! :)


    Tsk, tsk, really ought to get a Canon. :) (Inside joke in our church...we're pretty much divided on this subject 50/50. :))

    It is a very nice lens and I shall be sad to part with it, but on the flip side, I won't have to worry about it! :) My little guy had a hard time blowing his too, so he gave up pretty quickly. :)

    Mr. H.,

    I'm tickled that you're tickled! :) I'm glad you are pleased with them and I'm hoping to get the other ones up soon. See y'all very soon!

  7. I so wished I could have been there but it looks like y'all had a good time! The pictures are awesome, great job! Love ya! Len

  8. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Oh, is this paintballing??? YIKES! I wouldn't be too good! ;)

    Forgot to mention in my note with the necklace, could you comment to me when you receive it?? Please??


  9. Very fun! ;)
    It looks like all of the boys
    had a simply marvelous time!!
    I just love the picture of the
    little girl.... ;) too precious and William of course too!!!!!

    Many Blessings~ Miss Jen

  10. Haha! sorry... I gotta side with the Nikoners. :P I really like the D60. lol!
    The Daily Planet

  11. Looks competitive.=)

  12. Ok, I have been trying to comment on this post for the last couple days, and something keeps interrupting! Between internet outages, work, mealtimes, other lame excuses, further shoddy reasons, etc., etc, etc.....

    Looks like everyone had a fun time in the battle. Did you have as much fun as the combatants?

    As much as I will be derided for my opinion, I like the shot of Little Miss Evans (That is who that is, right?) blowing the dandelion best of the whole series.

    Tell Mr. Peter that I really think pink might be his color....

    Great job with the lens; but, am I really surprised at that? Not considering who was holding it...

    We leave tomorrow! Yippee!



  13. Lenna,

    I wish you could have been there too! I missed you and was so glad you were able to make it home for church! :) Love ya and see you on Sunday!


    Yes, it's paintball! And no, I wouldn't be too good either...with the bugs, and the guns and the pain that comes with it all...yeah, I'm sure they're glad the ladies don't play. :) I'll let you know!


    Thanks, I'm pretty sure they had fun, and I know we did! :) The little girl and William had fun with those flowers as well as throwing sticks in the pond. :)


    *sigh* Well, at least I tried... :)


    Yes, they take this game seriously! :)


    Excuses, excuses...I was wondering what had happened to you. ;)

    I think I had more fun than they did, because there was no pain involved in my fun...then again, they really seemed to enjoy being shot...go figure. I don't suppose I'll ever understand.

    You like it better than the ones of William?!? I must say though, she was better at blowing those things than the little man was, which made for a better picture.

    Peter will be pleased...Gar used to wear pink, so his head is full of the great motto, "Real men wear pink!” :)

    I am so happy you liked the pictures. The lens has been fun to play with and it was too fun to have an assignment.

    See you very soon!!! :D

  14. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Tiffany, I'm not quite sure what movie the pic's from, Bria found it and I did something up for her with it and then I used it for my blog! ;) You'd have to ask her!


  15. Springtime and kids + camera.
    they're all meant to be enjoyed together!
    Enjoyed your post.

  16. Awel,

    Thanks! I'll ask her! :)

    A Joyful Chaos,

    Yes, they are a perfect combination! Little people are so much fun to photography as they're so natural about it all...well, most of the time, anyway! :)


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