Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life is beautiful. Really, it is. We may be very busy, in the midst of planning and wondering if we really are sane, but sometimes in the middle of what may look like chaos, things are coming together, the is order, and life is beautiful. Here are a few pictures to prove it:

Glue guns are good for many projects!

Busy hands.

Mmmmmm, look at those gorgeous lines on that silk! Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE silk dupioni?

Antique lace and silk roses...what are we making? *grin*

Putting address labels on some envelopes.

Okay, when I say that I'm buried underneath fabric, I really do mean it!
Guess who this is for?

As seen by Jessica....which is probably a good thing, since this was still rather early in the morning. *smile*

Brown swirls.

The birds are coming home!!!

Yes! The grass is getting green, bright colors are being pulled out of storage, and Spring is in the air...and that means something special to me.

See? Life is beautiful! It may be as simple as a favorite fabric, a fun craft, being with those you love, planning a special event, or even the joy of a new season!

Look for miracles in your day.

Do you see the beauty in your life?


  1. The very bestest beauty in the life of Mrs. & Mr. H is God's promise that it will continue on in our children and their spouses. I'm guessing the McD's feel the same way.

  2. Lovely...
    that silk is stunning!! *sigh*

    Blessings~ Jen

  3. Beautiful post Tiffany...your wedding will be so beautiful...I am praying that your marriage will be a gift to you and your betrothed every day.

  4. Beautiful fabric and roses (silk roses are so stunning!). Are you making your own wedding dress?? We got your invite and I LOVE the design you picked! Swirls are really my thing (or one of them!).

  5. Pops,

    We certainly do! :)


    I LOVE dupioni! It's always been my very favorite silk...so natural, so comfy...*sigh* It's the best. :)

    Mrs. Rabe,

    Thank you for your prayers! The wedding puzzle pieces are beginning to fit together...the big picture will be here soon!


    I love 'em! I was actually working on them at Liberty Day! **laughs** Of course I am! I wouldn't buy one...I would never find the PERFECT one! Jennie helped me make it, actually, so it's really almost done...hand work and details...all the really fun stuff. :)

    Oh, I love the invitations...I knew I had to have them the moment I saw them... :)

  6. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Congratulations!! I don't know if you remember me or not, but I used to be Carli McDonald, and we met at a homeschooling conference in Alaska, and were penpals for a while. :) I actually just found some of your letters when I was cleaning out and packing my room... I got married a little less than 3 weeks ago, and moved to North Dakota. God is so good.

    Anyway, congratulations again!! When is the wedding? Looks like the preparations are coming along wonderful! Remember, don't stress the details too much, because on the day of you won't remember them. :)

    ~Carli Jean

  7. I'm sure your life has been anything but peaceful, but your pictures convey such a sense of serenity! So lovely.

  8. Hey Carli!

    How fun! And congratulations to you, too!! I left a comment on your blog...looking forward to hearing from you! :) Yes, God is very good.


    **laughs** You've got that right! :) Things have been busy, and we're a pretty loud family, but through all of the planning, there is such joy and happiness, and that overcomes all the stress. :)


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