Friday, December 23, 2011

Great news!!! The old site is back online!

Welcome back to It's the Simple Things!  Our new blog is still up and we try to keep it updated with current family events, but I was saddened to let this blog after talking it over with Ben, I've decided to keep it going with essential oils!  Same address, a different look, and a twist on the old name...Simple Scents.  

As I continue to use more and more essential oils in my own home, I am quickly realizing how wonderful these products are!  Having used them through pregnancy, labor, as a wife and now a mother, I honestly can't imagine living without these oils!  

Since the Christmas season is upon us, and since I'm "officially" on vacation (my husband, daughter and I are spending Christmas back East with my family), I won't be on here too much until after Christmas.  But, I wanted to share this conversation on getting started with Young Living.  It really helped to have my mom nearby to answer some questions that even I have had!  

So, welcome back, and please check back frequently for reviews, specials, giveaways, recipes and SO MUCH MORE!

Getting Started: A Conversation on Essential Oils from James McDonald on Vimeo.

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