Sunday, January 29, 2006

Time like an ever rolling stream, has brought my dear sister through eighteen years of life. On this day, in 1988, Melissa was born, a wee little thing with a dark splash of hair on the top of her tiny head. Her baby blue eyes soon turned into a deep green, her cry went from those first sweet sounds of an infant, to a toddler, then continued to those of a little girl, and now her sweet melodious voice rings with true love and dedication to her family, and more importantly, to her Lord.

She is a testimony of being trained in the ways of God. She is patient, gentle, kind, and ever showing mercy. When all else fails, I am sure to find a stronghold in Melissa. She is my confident, my sister, my friend.

Dearest Melissa, you will never know how deep my love for you is. Happy Birthday, Cherished One! ;-)


  1. melissa9:35 PM

    Words can not express my joy in having you a my sister! Thank you for making this birthday a blessed one! i love you bunches!

    Yours Forever,

  2. Mrs. Laura D.9:48 AM

    What a beautiful family you have. I found your blog spot from your dad's. I used to belong to your mom's e-mail list. Your posts are such a wonderful testimony to the awesome job your parents have done in bringing you up as maidens of virtue! :)
    Ladies , I do have one question for you that your mom's book did not directly address. What books and or aids did your mom use to teach you the domestic arts? ie...sewing, knitting (hope your finger is better now!), embroidery (do you embroider?), etc...
    Did she simply pass her own skills on to you or did she use a home ec program or a program like Teaching our Daughters to be Keepers at Home?
    PS Long ago I e-mailed by baby daughter Naomi's pic to your mom via the Maiden's e-mail address and had asked her for a few pics of sweet William. I know she is so very busy so I understood when I didn't hear back from her. I was happy to come upon pics on your dad's blog as well as here. I had prayed for you mom when she was pregnant with William and was having back pain and dealing with painful varicose veins. Pass along my regards to her! I understand that she won't remember me! :)

  3. Happy Birthday, Melissa!!!


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