Wednesday, February 01, 2006

7 Things I Would Like to do Before I Die:

1. Live all the days of my life.
2. Get married and have lots and lots of sweet blessed chubbie babies.
3. Travel extensively to many places in the world
4. Scuba-dive
5. Hot-air balloon around the world
6. Sail around the world
7. Explore in a submarine

7 Things I cannot do very well:

1. Sight read music
2. Play wind instruments
3. Not be picky about certain things
4. Avoid conversation
5. Sleep in
6. Not be sarcastic
7. Be the person to make the final decision

7 Top favorite movies:

1. The Village
2. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
3. Henry V
4. Master and Commander
5. The Quiet Man
6. Shakleton
7. The Moonstone

7 Things that I say often:

1. Whale! (It is kind of like a drawn out "well" said in a squeaky voice...don't ask questions...)
2. Anyroad...
3. All that rot
4. Oh Bother!
5. Scrumdidaleedumpcious
6. Fabulicious
7. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, know what I mean, know what I mean?

7 things that I would like in a husband:

1. Is God-fearing
2. A strong leader
3. Has a good sense of humor
4. Loves to practice hospitality
5. Likes to travel
6. Is sociable
7. And last but not least...enjoys a good milkshake

7 of my favorite books/authors (not listed in order of favorites...these are just SOME of my favorites):

1. The Bible
2. The Great Christian Revolution
3. Alexander Dumas
4. Robert Louis Stevenson
5. Julies Verne
6. George MacDonald
7. A Journey of Souls

7 people that I tag to write their 7x7's:

1. Caleb (my Caleb)
2. Rebecca Serven
3. Merisha
4. Robin
5. Sarah DeLurantey
6. Alice V.
7. Caleb Goforth

Thar you have, that wasn't too hard! :)


  1. Great job Tiffany! I new you could handle it :)

  2. lol, *sheepish grin*'Course Icould! That is why you tagged me, right? ;-) What an encouragement you are.

    Hey, when will y'all be able to visit us?

  3. Talk about adventurous!!!!! I hope you get a chance to do some of those things before you die...and as Jonathan Erber put it "not just moments before".

    As for visiting, the mother around here isn't much of a traveler but sure would like to come to the Valentine dinner if it weren't soooo far. We would seriously love to see y'all sometime.

    Joni Huber

  4. I see you have the Moonstone as one of your favorite movies. Is that the Moonstone as in the Wilkie Collins story? With the Indian jewel that gets stolen and all? I haven't watched the movie, but it's among my favorite books.

    If we're talking about the same thing, you should read The Woman in White by the same author. Totally awesome. Don't watch the movie of it, though, it's a completely different story.

    You say "All that rot"! Sweet! Are you a P.G Wodehouse fan?


  5. Yup, same story, excellent movie! I saw it with a friend of mine, and it is one of those movies where the story line lingers for days... I'll have to find some of Collins' other books.

    I started using "all that rot" after reading Narnia. I've actually never read anything from Wodehouse,or seen the movies, but I have wanted to for a long time. That is something else that I'll have to do. :) In all of my spare time! ;-)

    Didn't you get tagged?

  6. Ricochet!! My tag is re-routed to Amber DeLaderaunty. : )


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