Monday, May 08, 2006

Quick Update

Our schedule changed, and my Mom did not see a doctor as we had planned. She did see a doctor today, here in IL who gave her a mega-dose shot of antibiotics that should last for 24 hours, drained the infection and suggested that she go home immediately.

We arrived in IL yesterday late afternoon and we are currently staying with the Erber family. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of knowing the Erbers, they are a wonderful family, very hospitable, godly and so encouraging to be with. We've played about ten games of volley ball since we arrived and I know another game will be in session very soon. :)

I still haven't downloaded pictures onto my computer, but I've been so busy, so you can't blame me, ey? Our currents plans are to stay here until Wednesday. Mom and I will fly out to Houston that morning, and the rest of the family will drive down to Arlington for that conference and come home for Mother's Day. We are not looking forward to leaving such sweet fellowship here, but we are looking forward to seeing our church family on Sunday. Ahhhh...there's no place like home!


  1. Tiffany, please know that the prayers of Alaskan homeschoolers are with your mom and your family. Please let us know how she is doing.

    God bless!


  2. Praying for Stacy and the whole family! Hope you have a safe flight!

  3. Shanna Hinrichs6:22 PM

    Please know that The Hinrichs Family is praying for quick healing and safe traveling.


  4. Hi Tiffany

    Please let your Mom and Dad know that Robert and I are praying. Please help to make sure your Mom keeps well hydrated during and after the flight home.

    When you get a chance please keep the PW's list informed as to any special needs and how to pray specifically for Stacy.

    Have a safe trip.


  5. Anonymous6:15 PM

    We will continue to pray. I hope that your mom feels better soon. It's probably a good idea that she get home so she can get off of her feet and get some rest.
    Mrs. Dumais and Family in Va

  6. Ouch! Be sure to keep your blog updated with how your mom is doing!

    We will be praying for safe travel for both divisions of your family. Hopefully you Mom will make a quick recovery, she really needs to take it easy!

    I am sure that you had a wonderful time at the Erbers; they are a fun family.


  7. We enjoyed having you all over. I hope your flight back was a good one.

  8. Sarah,

    I'm home with her, so rest assured...she will take it easy. ;-)


    Our flight was a bit bumpy due to storms we flew through, or over, I guess. William wasn't too bad. Never mind my mom and I both forgot to bring him any toys, so I suppose you can't blame the poor little man.

    We really enjoyed visiting with y'all and are looking forward to seeing y'all soon.

  9. Tiffany, It was so nice to meet you in person at the other night at the Erber's home. I truly enjoyed getting to know you in the short time that we spent chatting together. I'd like to keep in touch and will check your blog regularly. So glad that you made it back safely home to Housten!
    We will continue to pray for your mom's healing and recovery.
    God's Richest Blessings,


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