Sunday, June 11, 2006

We've been busy...busy...dreadfully've no idea what we've had to do! Busy...busy...shockingly busy...much, much too busy!

I can't believe how very busy we have been! I almost forgot that I had a blog...

Monday, we had a visiting family from California over for the evening. We had a great time chatting and getting to know them, and as is our tradition, we taught them the game, "The Great Dalmuti." This time we grabbed our Reformation costumes (capes, hats, crowns, etc...) and played in costume, which really adds to the fun of the game. Now we have a "Dalmuti box." Anyone who visits our home is required to learn it, so beware and think twice before coming. :)

Wednesday, my Mom and I brought a meal to a family from church who just moved. When we arrived, we found that the lady's sister was there watching the children. The family's grandmother had locked herself outside, and jumped the six foot fence, spraining her ankle. So, she called her husband, who couldn't pick her up since their son had just been stung by three wasps and was on the other side of town getting him. So, Mrs. E., the mother of the household, took the grandmother to the hospital to see if her ankle was broken. While we were there, one of the little boys fell down the attic ladder, and another fell in the garage ending up with a nasty contusion on the back of his little head. Poor thing. We thought it best to go before something else happened. :-)

Last fall, we moved the furniture around in our house, transferring our informal dining area from the kitchen to our (parlor) front room. For those of you who haven't been to our home, we have black chairs and benches around our family table. After several bumps and scrapes against the wall, the walls were black and rather nasty looking. So, Jessica, Melissa, and I decided that a paint job would do the trick.

We convinced my dad that it needed to be done before the pending baby shower (for Mrs. D.), so, he fetched the leftover paint from our tea room and helped us get started - and away we went! We even moved the furniture! We had this huge, massive wardrobe in our front room, which took four men to move when we had our floors put in. Jessica, Melissa, and I moved it from the front room, to the nursery. Impressed? Well, you should be. Like I said, this thing is gi-normous! Just wait 'till you see a picture of it! And, just so you know, I've been referred to as the weak link in the chain. :) Ha!

So, after painting ourselves in the process, the room turned out really nice (if I say so, myself). We installed new light fixtures, hung fresh curtains, rearranged pictures, and totally changed the furniture. We actually enjoy sitting in there now. :)

The baby shower went very well. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and ate plenty of food and dessert. Mrs. D. is a beautiful pregnant mom! As soon as I have time to download the pictures, I'll post them.

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