Monday, August 07, 2006

The Sun doth rise and set each day;
The Moon hath many a face.
The Flowers bloom, seed, wither and fade,
And another one takes it's place.

The Tide flows in and than flows out,
Leaving treasures as it goes;
And taking what once clothed the beach,
To places it does not know.

New Life is given as each day passes,
Another life that once was is now gone,
Leaving a colorful history behind them,
And a legacy that will carry on.

Seasons come and seasons go,
The months pass quickly by,
Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall,
They fly before our eyes.

Seasons in life are sure to change,
Some happy and others not,
And yet we must always thank our God,
For each and every change He brought.

I promised a post to let y'all know of the change in our lives. Southerners to the core, our family will be answering a call from the great mid-west (they refuse to let us call it the north. ;-)). While up in IL a few weeks ago, we spent time with a wonderful congregation. My Dad received a call from them asking him to fill the role of pastor of their fellowship. After much prayer and seeking God's guidance, our family has felt the hand of God upon us, blessing this change.

We put our house on market late last week, and after four very short days, our house sold today. We will be moving out by the end of the month to start a new season of our lives among some new wonderful friends. Please keep our family in your prayers as deal with the stress of being moved out in twenty days. :) For those of you who have seen our home can imagine the amount of boxes and bubble wrap we will need. The Serven Clan had a contest to see how many boxes it took them to pack their books, and we thought about doing the same thing. So far, we have 30 boxes of JUST books packed, but that is only the schoolroom and my mom's room. :) I'll try to keep an accurate count.

As of last night, Christa and Daniel are officially engaged, which adds another dimension of excitement to our lives. Please keep them in prayer as they seek God's will for their lives and make decisions regarding their future.

We will sorely miss all y'all here in Texas. But remember, IL has much cooler weather, four seasons, and it snows! So, feel free to visit us any time! I'll try to keep y'all posted as things move along, but I won't promise anything.


  1. Wow! When you give family's big news. I thought you would share that you had rearranged and painted another room! (The last one turned out beautifully I might add, I'm sure the new family will love it! :) )
    Tiffany, from all that I read in each Autumn and Winter about your loving the cooler weather I think you will love Illinois. Well, maybe the snow will be a big of a shock at first! :)
    And please pass along Congrats to Christa on her engagement. Truly, lots of changes for your family in the upcoming days and months. Keep us all posted.
    I would imagine that your dear mother's head is spinning a bit just about now.
    I will be praying for you all for organization and God's peace.
    Mrs. Dumais

  2. Tiffany,

    Wow! We will certainly be praying for y'all with all the changes up ahead. I see a lot of boxes within your future:)

    Send our congrats to Christa (and Daniel of course, although we have never met him). We will be praying for both of them and their future together.

    I know you are really busy, but whenever you so desire, feel free to drop me an email. I would love to tell you about the 'way too detailed and complex' topics of the DeLs!


  3. Illinois?!? Who would have guessed? I'm kinda jealous...

    All the best to you and your family.

  4. Sarah,

    Hopefully we'll be able to get together more oten when we move up there! I'll email you.

    Nathan, has been a bit of a shock for us, but a nice one. After all, with four seasons, fresh corn, river bluffs, and great people, what more could you want? Ahh, what a beautiful life. ;-) BTW, happy birthday! Jess sends her birthday wishes too.

  5. Is this for real? Wow. Congratulations to Christa. And - yeah - I think I owe you an email. Sorry.

  6. Kelsey10:26 AM

    Wow Tiffany! I didn't even know Christa had a man in her life. Who is he? Congratulations to her and to y'all regarding the move. I hope all goes well!

  7. Dear Tiffany,

    Many changes for you all. We are praying for you...

    I am so excited you will only be 3 hours away!


  8. Elizabeth,

    I know! We are so thrilled to be moving to such a central area. Can't wait to see y'all!


  9. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Heyy Tiffany!! How are you doing? I miss talkin to ya girl. What's new?? so you're moving eh'? That's really neat! I bet you're excited. What part of Indiana are you moving to?
    Talk to you soon!
    Love ya.

    God bless,

  10. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Hey- email me when you get a chance k? to you later.


  11. Okay Tiff.......when your dad called mine a few weeks ago y'all had just started considering a possible move. I turn my back on the computer world for a few weeks and y'all do this to me! Why couldn't it have been a move in this direction? Also, fuss at your older sister for me, she was supposed to call me a few weeks ago..... Keep me updated on what’s going on. You still have my cell # right? If you’re moving will you still be at the Film Fest? Christa had said something about it being the week of her birthday and she was thinking y’all would make it….but that was before this dreadful Yankee plot came up ;) Sorry Serven clan, I still love y’all, just trying not to be jealous. Catch ya later. Tell everyone I said hey.
    Jennie said to tell you hello.


  12. lol, Linds! Hey, we tried to get out to Alabama for a long time...things just never came together! :( But, IL is much cooler than the southern states, so there is a plus on their side. We just might see y'all more often! We'll be so much closer to all the conferences and such. Being down in the (this far south can't be the heart) feet of Texas doesn't make it very easy to get places and see people. ;-)

    I believe I have your cell. I'll get our new numbers to you as soon as we get them!

    Give my love to your family and the Chancey's!


  13. BTW, how long of a drive was it from DT Birmingham to -fill in the blank- IL was it anyway?

    p.s Check out Matt's blog, I took those pix this morning.


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