Wednesday, August 30, 2006

We've done it. We have invaded the north.

We arrived in Illinois yesterday, did some house hunting, had a wonderful evening with the E. family from our church, watched an Andy Griffith episode, and went to bed. It still doesn't feel like we're moving. I guess since we travel so much, it has the feeling of another trip. I suppose it will hit us sometime soon. The area around here is just gorgeous. Little hills, (they are little hills, aren't they?) massive trees as far as the eye can see, clear skies, and cool weather...

At the E.'s house, we were discussing whether or not we had to get a Yankee license plate, or were there other options. We were told we could get custom plates, which was very agreeable to us. As we were driving home (or back to the hotel) Mr E. said, "If it is any comfort to you, just remember that Illinois used to be apart of Virginia." ;-)


  1. Welcome to Illinois!

    Yes! Illinois does have little hills. And we certainly are grateful for our kinship to Virginia. :-)

    Oh, and you do know what "Illinois" means, right? "A tribe of superior people" is the translation of the French/Indian term...

    Hope to see you around, now that you're so close!


  2. Lol. Awesome. When our southern friends make fun of us for living in the land of Lincoln we can say "Ah! But WE'RE superior people!" LOL!

    I hope we get to see y'all soon!!



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