Monday, September 18, 2006

The Baptismal service yesterday was wonderful. Little Allen didn't seem too excited about the water part, but he quickly recovered and was soon quiet again. We had a huge Italian feast afterwards, consisting of spaghetti, lasagna, stuffed manicotti, bruchetta, pasta salad, Greek salad, stuffed mushrooms, fresh homemade garlic bread, Insalata Caprese, and I think that covers most of it...the dinner part anyway. For dessert we had a white baptismal cake and ice cream. The rest of our day at church was spent visiting, knitting, playing whiffle ball and wrestling (the guys did, we sat watching, rather amused ;-))

Afterwards, we took the Chandlers and Evans out to our property to show them our house. We had hoped the couple living there would have been out on Saturday, but the shop was still full of things and the house was not completely empty, so we just gave them a tour of the grounds. It is kind of odd hosting people just outside with no refreshments and such, but we had a blast and leaving and going our separate ways, as always, was sad.

Our moving truck comes this Thursday...and so does James! All of the little ones keep asking if it is really their Buba that is coming and can't wait for his plane to land. He will be here for two weeks, so it will be nice to see him again. It has been rather hard for us to convince people that we really do have an older brother since he never travels with us, but thanks to the Evans (who have met him) it hasn't been too hard this time. ;-) If you still have doubts, you'll have to come see him when he gets here.

Oh, and here is something for all y'all back in Texas...the high for today is 67. Are you ready to come visit, yet? ;-)


  1. sounds like fun. I'm sooo ready to come and visit you'll. Tell Christa "hello" for me. When are you'll moving in (actually moving in?)? Be careful and hope to see everyone soon.


  2. Tim and Dawn McDonald3:05 PM

    Hey Tif,

    Its Uncle Tim and Aunt Dawn, just wanted to say hi. Your writing is beautiful. Will check back often and comment when we have time. Take care, love you, miss you.
    Send me an e-mail and I will send pics of the kids. Your Dad has my email addy.

    Tim and Dawn

  3. Anonymous8:41 PM

    I can't wait till the confrence next week! What are ya'll doing this week?

    Grace Bandy

  4. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Hey Daniel,

    Your yankee-ness is showing. The word is y'all, not you'll. "You'll" is a contraction that means "you will", while "y'all" is a contraction that means "you all."

    Just a little help from a TRUE southerner. :-)

  5. Daniel,

    With all that nice warm and sunny weather, are you sure you want to come vist? ;-) It was FREEZING today! I had to get my scarves and such out...but then again, we are talking about me...hmmmm. See you soon!

    Dearest Uncle Tim and Aunt Dawn,

    I didn't know you read my blog! I suppose you learn something new everyday, ey? ;-) I'll email you soon. I'm DYING to see pics of Alex and Tory. Does Alex still have red hair? Lots of love to all. And give the children a kiss for me?


    I can't wait either! I wish it wasn't so far away. :( I'm not sure what we're doing this week. James comes in on Thursday, I'm not sure what day we are moving in, and I think we are leaving town on Saturday... What are y'all up to? Tell you family I said "hi." Oh, did Ashton get his senior pics done yesterday? See you next week!!!

  6. Anonymous8:57 PM

    We haven't been doing much this week, and Ashton did get his pics done on Monday. This weekend, I am going to go visit my great aunt and uncle who live in southern Illnois along with my grandparents. They are going to go antiquting while I go horseback riding with my aunt. Oh! I almost forgotto tell ya'll ITS RUTH'S B-DAY MONDAY!!!!!

    Grace B

  7. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Good luck with the unpacking today. I hope that the truck arrived with your things in good shape. For some reason I see your family being a "let's get unpacked and be done by Saturday!" type of family. Boxes drive my husband and I crazy so we go go go until we drop each evening. We put one of the older children in charge of the under 5 littles....Not sure which is harder unpacking or keeping the little ones happy in all that chaos! Anyways, we'll be praying for you as you settle into your new home. I'm sure you are anxious to try out that new kitchen. My daughter Shayna loves to cook as well.
    Mrs. Dumais

  8. Laura K.9:17 AM

    Tiffany, that's so mean, I mean about the weather. I'm so ready for it to be really cool down here. I miss ya'll. Tried to email couple weeks ago but no reply. Been really busy. The tea room is a tomb without ya'll.


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