Saturday, September 09, 2006

Last night we spent another pleasant evening with the Candler family. Our feast consisted of grilled hamburger, vegetable shish-ka-bobs, baked beans, cole-slaw, chips and two desserts. I think I covered everything. And as usual, the night was filled with laughing, visiting, playing down at the creek (which I have yet to see), swinging, and of course, dancing. ;-)

Today will be a test to see if I can find my way around town. Mom and I are going shopping for a few things this morning, and this afternoon holds cooking plans for church. Our room doesn't have an oven, so that is rather inconvenient, but our time here is almost over.

We've signed the contracts for our new home!! I'm not sure what the move in date is, but it should be soon. There are a few rooms that need to be finished, and the deck on the back is also in need of some attention. The house is situated on a private lake, has a nice large shop that some of us would like to turn into a ballroom, and plenty of garden/landscaping areas. I do have some photos, so I'll put those up for y'all.

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