Thursday, November 09, 2006


Yesterday, at the meat market, without even knowing my age, one of the owners told me that I wasn't old enough to get married. ;-)


  1. if they thought you were to young to get married, how old did they think I was?! :)yikes!


  2. Well...that can be a good thing:

    when you're older, you'll look younger...
    and when you're younger, you'll look older.

    Except, the former is already happening, so the latter must have happened already. So when you were looked 30? Because now that you're 20, you apparently look to be 15. But when you become even older, you'll look even younger (using the previous cigol), so when you turn'll look 20? Ack, however, when you look 20 at 40, then you're actually younger, so you'll look older than you really are. Annnnd, I could keep on going around in circles like that...

    ...but I won't. ;-)

    We'll see y'all tomorrow at church!

  3. Ah yes, and the creme brulee we had over in CO was normal (vanilla?) creme brulee. ;-) I even got the recipe... :-D

    And that chocolate one sounds so good. *sighs*

  4. I read this post yesterday and didn't think much of it. Snickered and moved on.

    When I woke up this morning I was telling Jana about this weird dream which I later determined must've been caused by reading this post.

    In my dream there was a family visiting our church from Ohio. There was a young man who you kind of hit it off with. Later you were going to visit their family, and it was apparent that you were going to marry this guy. Jana and I were upset because we were loosing Christa, and now we were loosing you. :) Pretty funny... By the way, his name was Logan. I have no clue where this came from. I have never met a Logan, and I think it's a girls name. (?)

    So keep your eye out for a guy named Logan from Ohio.


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