Saturday, November 18, 2006

Six more days.

The most common phrase in my house these past few weeks has been:

"After the wedding!"


  1. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Who is getting married??????

  2. I heard about the good news! Hope everything is going well...plans and all. It must be crazy to plan a wedding for the day after Thanksgiving! You all must be worn out :)

    God bless...say "hi" to your family for me.


  3. Anonymous,

    My older sister is getting married the day after Thanksgiving. Remember, I'm not old enough. :)


    Things are going fine. We've been a little stressed this past week, and it isn't over yet. :) Tell you family I said "howdy" as well, and kiss the new baby for me!

  4. Heh. In our house the phrase is "after we move". So I'm sympathetic. But now ya'll have passed your day of insanity. Congratulations!


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