Saturday, December 02, 2006

snow update...and photos!

Well, on our very first snowfall, we were snowed in. The private drive to our house was piled high with snow, making it impossible to get out. Our neighbors had a wedding rehearsal to go to, so they climbed into their car, backed out of their driveway, and didn't make it very far. Actually, they got stuck in the snow and not only was it impossible for them to get out, but they couldn't get back to their driveway either. :) So, James, Caleb and another neighbor helped them get back home.

But, we did have a blast outside yesterday. We don't have very large hills, but the ones that we do have we used for sledding. Grace suggested making a snowman, so I figured that they couldn't be that hard to make, so we set out to make one. For some reason, the snow didn't roll and stick together the way it does in the movies, and making the snowman was almost impossible. But, being the stubborn person that I am, I decided that we were not going to give up. So, we made a snowman. He's not the usual three layer one, but he was bigger than the one that we made in Houston the year we had a bit of snow for Christmas. That one was only has big as my finger. :) His head is much too small for any of our hats, so we pulled a branch off of a tree and gave him hair instead. He ended up looking more like a Caesar snowman than Frosty, so we named him Frosty Augustus.

And, of all days that we could run out of coffee, guess which one it was. Yes, the day we were snowed in. We were only able to make half of a pot yesterday, and today we have not had any. We were hoping (I guess rather selfishly, ;-)) that the Evans's power would still be out so that they could come to stay with us. But when they arrived back home, their power was on. So we were not able to host them, and they didn't get to come out and bring coffee. :) Hopefully, we will be able to get out for church tomorrow...

Here are some photos that we took. I also put a few on my photo blog.


  1. Jessica10:10 AM

    So glad you all enjoyed the snow! :-) After you're up here for awhile, you'll understand that there is some snow good for making snowmen and other snow that just doesn't work... A few years back we (mainly our guys) built a snowman that was over 8 feet tall! So don't give up on snowmen yet!

  2. Cute snowman!!

    Love you and miss you buches!

  3. Anonymous10:57 AM


  4. You need to update. :-)

    13 days is too long without a new post... ;-)

    And the snow melted, too. *sighs*

    See y'all tomorrow!

  5. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Post, Post, Post Tiffany!

  6. sierra candler7:03 PM

    all many days has this post been on? Hmmm.....
    all right, see ya Sunday!

    4 Days Till CHRISTmas! =D

  7. I'm glad you're enjoying the snow, Tiffany! For once YOU have some and WE don't! :-)

    Merry Christmas!!


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