Friday, December 29, 2006

My Dad bought an IPod Nano step in the Mac direction... ;-)


  1. Anonymous8:51 PM

    No Fair!

  2. He must be saved from the darkness! Quick, somebody! Do something!

  3. Not to worry folks. Macs do a good job with pretty pictures and sound - but real work? Come on!

  4. Actually to be blantly honest. In my research, I have found that purchasing an Apple product is, in fact, the second or third step to becoming a Apple person. Admiting that Apple isn't "bad" is the first step. Most people, for some bazaar reason, stay at this level for the longest period of time before proceding.

    Joshua however would be a definite exception to these study results. He accended these steps very rapidly. Personly I would consider a specimen like him very rare.

    Congrats anyhow, and enjoy!


    p.s. if you are intersted in the test results on this particular topic you will just have to get over it. I am no longer making it available to the public.


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