Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Rather eager to board, I'd say.

Late last night we arrived back home from our trip to Washington State. Even though our schedule was tight, we had a wonderful time before, during, and after the conference. William and I became the best of friends as we adjusted to life without Melissa. When we walked in the house, he actually preferred me over her and Jessica. (A first for those of you who don’t know. William is very picky and likes to play with hair…long hair, of which I do not have, thus his preference to Melissa. ;-)) During the few days that we were away, his vocabulary and his mannerisms went from baby to toddler. He became quite the copy-cat and even held some intelligent conversations.

The poor baby missed all of his doting sisters and brothers. We were driving from the Portland area to the Seattle area when his face became soaked from uncontrollable tears. We tried Jessica’s tactic and recited Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116, and a line about how much we loved him, to no avail. Finally, he started calling Jessica's name. When I suggested calling her, the tears ceased, a smile replaced his frown and his eyes sparkled with delight. So, we dialed the number, got Jessica on the phone, handed it to William and watched him blush and sigh contentedly as we heard her saying, “William, I love you. I love you like the day is long. Like the sun and the moon together….” Throughout our stay there, we had to call her twice to make this poor neglected young man happy.

The conference was simply wonderful. The volunteers were always more than ready to help. We had a private room for William to play and take naps, and a family had been assigned as our personal guides for the weekend. The people who we were able to meet and spend time with quickly became new friends and we were also able to see old friends during our visit. Some of the families from the conference also attend the church we visited on Sunday.We were glad for the opportunity to talk and visit without worrying about conference schedules.

We were also extremely delighted to finally meet the Bradrick Family. We have corresponded for several years over the phone and via email, but when we tried to get together a few years ago, something came up and we were deprived of their company. I knew from the start that I was among some very dear people. We went to their house after church and truly enjoyed the fellowship of the saints. After a wonderful dinner, we sang from the Psalter and laughed and talked long into the night. As we left yesterday morning, I was refreshed and encouraged. Thank you, Bradrick family for hosting us while we were in the area. We are so grateful for the time we spent in your company and are looking forward to many more meetings.

Here are some moments that I captured while we were away. I also put some others on my photo blog...you know, the more artistic ones. :)

William...living high on the...John Deere!

"Nothing runs like a Deere..."

William trying to decide which kind of latte to order at Starbucks.

William and his new found buddy, Master Cormick.

Mrs. Cormick and my Mom

William, his "Guckie," and his John Deere.

Some new friends.

Hmmm...I wonder what He's going to play next?

Sweet Mrs. Bradrick and....

...two of her sweet daughters.

And he says he's not a baby doll!

Ahhhh, now this is life...


  1. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Sounds like ya'll had fun, poor William, but I can't help laughing.

    Emil Bandy

  2. Oh!! What a darling! He's SO cute!

  3. William has grown SOOO since we last saw you!!!! Sounds like you had a good time!

  4. Welcome back to Illinois... :D

  5. BEAUTIFUL pictures! A job well done Sis!

    Love and miss you!!


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