Monday, April 23, 2007

We spent all day Friday outside getting ready to landscape and garden. Since we didn't do very much gardening in Houston due to high temperatures and oppressive humidity, this is something that we have been looking forward to all winter. My parents made an outing to the Home-Depot want-to-be store and purchased seeds, flowers and herbs. We then played around with the placement for a while.

After a delightful picnic lunch, we began weeding, pulling up the ugly plants, transplanting nearly all of the tulips, and turning the soil over. After we had that done, we dumped several bags of top soil and mushroom compost on two beds and mulch on the other two. Even our dear Jessica who is deathly afraid of anything creepy-crawly came out to help...and I don't think we could have moved those hastas without her. :)

When we were just about finished, Dad came out to give the little ones a ride on William's...oops! Did I say William's?!?! I mean, Dad's John Deere. ;-)
Though we haven't had William's birthday party yet, we did give him one present. Judging by the look on his face, do you know what he got?

A John Deere tractor just like his Dad! :) He did notice that there were no John Deere decals or pictures of a deer on it, and it didn't make any cool noises either, but I think he was pretty happy.

He even decided to help out and pulled the tulip bulbs in his trailer from one flower bed by the house down the hill to the other bed where Melissa was planting them.

I know this sounds really stupid, and for those of you who see me on a regular basis, go ahead and laugh again. It really is stupid and very funny. As I said above, we didn't garden very much in Houston. As a matter of fact, the only time we really went outside was to get from the house to the building. So, since the weather on Friday was absolutely and perfectly gorgeous, I donned an apron and straw hat and went out to thoroughly enjoy myself. And now for the stupid part...I didn't notice the sun blazing high in the blue sky. :) I mean, I knew it was there, because when the clouds covered it, I got rather chilled, so I really looked forward to it coming back out. But I didn't think about what sitting under direct sunlight for a few hours would do to somebody. I was wearing a glove on the hand I used to get things out of the dirt, but since we were all wearing the little girl's gloves, I didn't wear one on the hand I used to shovel. After a few hours, I went to brush some dirt off of my arm and instantaneously my arm began to burn. I inquired after sunscreen, but we came to the conclusion that we got rid of them all before we moved. By the end of the day, the top side of my arms were a beautiful strawberry color and the under side of my arms were their usual peachy shade. My left hand matched the under side of my arm, but the glove-less one decided to go with the new fad that my arms had adopted.

They didn't hurt too bad on Saturday or Sunday. Today, on the other hand, just before lunch, a combination of pain, burning and a great desire to scratch my already red (I mean strawberry colored) arms seized me. We tried Aloe Vera, lavender water, cold wash clothes, hypericum gel, and lavender essential oils. Nothing at all worked. They didn't hurt all the time, it just came and went as it pleased. My rather silly sisters tried everything to distract me when the pain hit, all to no avail. So, my dear doctor of a Mom soaked some gauze in lavender and cold water and wrapped it around my arms, you know, mummy style. :) It didn't take the pain completely away, but it did help. The overall look turned out to be rather cute...for all I know, it might be the new fashion statement! ;-)


  1. Anonymous11:36 PM

    Ouch, you know, my mom uses noxema cream on my sun burns. I like the book your mom wrote, my mom reads it to me before bed time.:):) I got your blog from the serven clans blog, I hope you don't mind.

  2. Only you, Tiffany, could turn sunburn into a fashion statement. :-) I hope it feels better soon, even if it does mean abandoning your new look.

  3. Oh you dear! I'm terribly sorry. Sunburn is NOT FUN! I either am white as a lily, or red as an indian. Christie on the other hand, is always quite dark.... little squirt. My mother will soak me in aloe vera at the first sign of sunburn... :)

    Brooke Anna

  4. Darby6:52 PM

    Tiffany I know how you feel, we Sprouls are very pale and we burn very easily and plus I always forget to put on sunscreen. :D It looks like you had fun in the garden though! Darby P.S. Let me guess your brother likes John Deere??

  5. Anonymous12:33 AM

    This is Melissa Ng from Pilgrim Bible Church, I just thought I'd pop in and say Hi before I start commenting on stuff !! :o)( if that's okay with you ! )
    PS I hope your arms are feeling better !

  6. Kieran6:42 PM

    Hi! It's so nice to "see" you! Online that is... I really enjoyed visiting with Christa (and meeting Daniel) at the ball last week. It is really nice to keep up with long lost friends. Hope to hear from you soon!

  7. Sierra C.4:38 PM

    Yea for Jessica! I can't believe you of all people would do such a thing!:) Especially chop up a worm into 4 pieces...;D Love you!

  8. Sorry about your sunburn, Tiffany! I hope you're feeling better!

  9. ...and in the meanwhile, a crowd gathers outside Tiffany's window chanting...

    update, update, update, update

    :P :D

  10. Hey y'all (we don't say's sooooo rude ;-)),

    The sunburn is gone, the tan has appeared. :) It feels a ton better, but the sympathy from you all did help. :)


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