Monday, August 13, 2007

When I think about the many reasons that this country was founded, I cannot but stand in awe of the brave men and women who, by God’s grace, stood firm in the midst of danger, destruction and death.

When I think about what our country has come to, I recall the words of Thomas Jefferson and cannot but feel his fear when he said, “I tremble for my country when I remember that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.

It will not sleep forever. Throughout the course of history, when a rebellious nation reaches it’s climax, God in all His righteous anger rains down judgment and brings the people back to their knees. And each time, He leaves behind a remnant, the faithful – His chosen people.

The establishment of a country that allowed people to worship God in such a way that it did not go against their conscience seems to have disappeared. Down through the decades of our country’s history, we have become a lazy people, full of ourselves and our precious “rights.” Instead of taking a stand for causes worth dying for, we have catered to immature rebellious movements, attempting to “make room for everybody and their beliefs, no matter what they are.”

Prayer was abolished from the public schools because it was found offensive by the heathen (when has scripture ever been non-offensive by the heathen?). To share the gospel with somebody on the streets is now considered stepping on their rights. It is oppressive to tell somebody about Jesus Christ, but Charles Darwin and Mohammed are held up as heroes and great teachers. True great leaders, not only in church history, but in history itself are rarely talked about, and it they are, there is not much good to say regarding them. The politically correct versions of history, science, etc. are forced upon students and to even suggest an opposing view could mean detention or even being expelled.

Christianity is oppressive; therefore the leaders in our nation intend to convince Americans it false. Christianity is oppressive, therefore it may not be taught. Christianity is oppressive, therefore it is now considered a hate crime. Never mind that our country was founded as a Christian country. That bit of our nation’s history is offensive to our modern, intellectual, far-superior minds. Come, they say (with lips dripping honey – Proverbs 5:3); let us forget the inspiring speeches, and the steadfast courage, and the passion for God our forefathers possessed.

This is a new day, an “enlightened” era, we’re told. But they cannot erase these events and people from our history books—at least, not yet. Instead of nourishing us with the meaty words of Godly American’s who have gone before us, we’re told to focus on other great nations and their religions.

If that were not bad enough, our “heroic” presidential candidates are discussing forcing women and girls to register for the draft. These politicians, too old to fight themselves, have no problem sitting comfortably in their homes watching a live broadcast of girls defending them and their “rights.” What on earth has happened to chivalry? Or is this word even in our dictionaries anymore? It would seem that the days of men protecting women and children is a foreign idea from days long past. In the beginning, God created man with an instinct to protect.

Suppose a man and a woman are walking along the street when an assailant threatens the two of them with a lead pipe. Mature masculinity senses a natural, God-given responsibility to step forward and put himself between the assailant and the woman. He is willing to suffer for her safety. He bestows honor on her. His inner sense is one of responsibility to protect her because his is a man and she is a woman.

She is not condemned as a coward because she feels a natural fitness in receiving this manly service. And she may well be more courageous than he at the moment. She may be ready to do some fearless deed of her own. A man’s first thought is not that the woman at his side is weak, but simply that he is a man and she is a woman. Women and children are put into the lifeboats first, not because the men are necessarily better swimmers, but because of a deep sense of honorable fitness. It belongs to masculinity to accept danger to protect women. ~ Excerpt from Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood edited by John Piper and Wayne Grudem

It is not that women are not as brave or smart enough; it is simply that God created a certain order for mankind. Women are indeed called to bravery, but not the same kind that men are.

God designed men and women to be different. It was his plan for them to complement each other, not to be “the same.” The color green is green, and red is red. Green looks nothing like red and anybody with a brain can see that. These two colors are very different, each unique and beautiful, even by themselves. But when we take a green thread and a red thread and coordinate them and weave them together in a tapestry, they suddenly become something even more exquisite than they were alone. If every color was the same, just like some people want us to believe men and women are, can you imagine what a drab world we would have instead of this vibrant, colorful one that our awesome God has created for us?

After the Fall, God cursed the serpent, the man, and woman. Ever since then, mankind has tried to reverse roles and exchange curses. It won’t be long or even surprising before the headlines read that there are some nuts trying to take on the serpent’s curse! The feminist who thinks she has “helped the plight” of women has only succeeded in bringing us more confusion, pain and suffering.

As Christians, we have been silent too long. Are we ready to stand for what we believe in, no matter what the cost? After all, “the lost causes are the only ones worth fighting for.” Mr. Smith Goes to Washington


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    just wanted to say what a great blog you have here! :)

  2. Paula8:30 AM

    Beautifully written, Tiffany!

  3. I didn't read your post at first because it looked long and boring, but now that I did all I can think of saying is "Hear Hear!"

  4. Well thanks, Stephen! lol


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