Saturday, August 25, 2007

August 25, 2006, exactly one year ago, our family closed on the beautiful house that we built nine years ago. So many memories were made in that home and we will always think fondly of the years that we spent living there. On that same day, some dear friends hosted Christa's bridal shower. And that night we made a tearful walk through an empty house allowing our minds to be flooded with thoughts of all the things that had passed through those doors, the laughter, the tears, the joy and the sorrow. And yet, we knew that God had a bigger plan for our lives and He was moving us on.

The next day, we drove through a Texas size rain storm up to Dallas and visited with the same friends that we were with last week. The following morning, my Mom, Jessica, William and I decided to brave the freeways alone and go ahead of the rest of the family who had meetings that day. We had an uneventful drive and being only girls, we stopped late for lunch and decided to skip dinner. :) The rest of the family joined us the next day, and that evening we had the first of many dinners to come at the Evans' home.

Our first year here in the n
orth ;-) has been absolutely wonderful. Even though we've been extremely busy, we have thoroughly enjoyed the four seasons, the fresh farm produce, the wide skies, bright stars, living in the country and making new friends. We pray that our second year here will prove to be even better than the one we just lived, but hope it won't be quite so busy. :)

The Sun doth rise and set each day;
The Moon hath many a face.
The Flowers bloom, seed, wither and fade,
And another one takes it's place.

The Tide flows in and than flows out,
Leaving treasures as it goes;
And taking what once clothed the beach,
To places it does not know.

New Life is given as each day passes,
Another life that once was is now gone,
Leaving a colorful history behind them,
And a legacy that will carry on.

Seasons come and seasons go,
The months pass quickly by,
Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall,
They fly before our eyes.

Seasons in life are sure to change,
Some happy and others not,
And yet we must always thank our God,
For each and every change He brought.

(Taken from my posts written this time last year)


  1. Reading this makes me cry! You have a wonderful way of bringing those blessed memories back as though they were yesterday!

    I realized something, I missed spending three out of four seasons with you and the rest of the family! I love you and happy one year being in the North!! :-)

  2. Well, I was listening to one of the moving tracks on my "Freedom" CD while I was typing this...and it made me cry too! :)

    You missed three of our seasons...and one Texas season. :) Ours are better...and the Farmer's Almanac is predicting a much colder winter and more snow this, are you up for a visit?

  3. Oh, yeah. I am tired of this never ending heat!!


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