Tuesday, March 18, 2008

So, the day started out beautiful...

...'twas in the mid 60's, the sky was blue, the grass, well, it wasn't so green, more of a brownish ucky color, but I was willing to overlook that...so where was I? Oh, yeah...so the sky was blue, the weather was coming very close to perfect, the grass was a color that I don't know the name of, the clouds were white and fluffy, the sun was shining and I had errands to run. It was so refreshing to go from place to place in sandals and a light sweater...yeah, still sweater weather for me...but hey, it was a light one. :)

See, it started like this...isn't that beautiful...haha...'twould appear that I really like getting shots of their yard...see.

Oh, and look! The lake melted...er, thawed...and the diamonds are back!!!

So, after I was done shopping, we decided that our sandals and sunglasses needed to do some sun-bathing. :) You know, so that they could get nice and warm before we put them on...or something like that.

So, if your sandals ever feel the need to get some sun-bathing...ours would readily welcome the company. :) Let's just hope that this freezing weather leaves and the warm, sunny, beautiful weather returns...the keep telling me that Spring really is coming...

After all, the day started out beautiful...if only it could have lasted...:)


  1. I'm awfully tempted to comment on something, but I shall restrain myself...

    this time.

    The future holds a different prospect.

  2. Anonymous11:00 AM

    How cute1 I hope "Spring" does come for you soon. Praying for you.

    Elizabeth R.

  3. WOW ! That looks sooo nice !! It's raining (still!) here !!

  4. Spring is wonderful, isn't it? Down here in SC, we're enjoying weather in the 70s and lovely azaleas.

    My main reason for commenting is to ask if you will post links to your sewing website and photography blog. :)

    By the way, I hope you don't mind comments from a stranger. I have only commented once or twice before, but I visit your blog (and those of your family members) quite often.

  5. 60's!! Its been like in the 30's and 40's down here. Can't wait to move down there!

  6. Justin8:28 PM

    Well its been quite mild up here with the temps in the 30s 40s. I'm quite content. Except I keep beening told to put my coat on as I am going out the door, I meen really who wears a coat. LOL

  7. Ashton,

    As Peter so profoundly says, "There's a storm coming." :)


    Thanks! We love our deck...when it's nice out, anyway. :)


    The sky is beautiful...but like I said, the grass is uh...ucky... lol It's STILL raining!! But, with all that greenery up there, I suppose y'all really need it. But then again, with all of the crops out here, I suppose we need it too...bummer.


    Love your username. :) And yes, Spring is absolutely wonderful. Spring and fall...

    My sewing site is still in the works, which is the reason I haven't posted a link to it. :) But, when I'm satisfied with the way it looks, I'll post about it. My photography website is listed under my "Websites to Ponder" column. The address is:

    Enjoy your nice weather before it gets hot! :)


    Eeewww...it's THAT cold up there!?!?! Well, the sooner y'all move down, the sooner you can enjoy our "nice" weather...we'd love to have your sandals come hang out with ours. :)

    We missed y'all at church on Sunday. :( But it was so nice to see y'all at the Hymn sing...Sara is such a sweetie!! I can't wait to hold her again! :)


    lol...I wear a coat...on top of a long sleeved shirt, with a light sweater, a bulky sweater, a scarf, hat gloves, and...I know there's something I'm forgetting... ;-)

  8. deusprimus12:26 AM

    It has really be feeling like Spring out here in Sunny California. Winter tried to get in one last dying gasp, and pelted us with a fast snowstorm; that was short lived, and we are back in the 70s. Time to break out the flip-flops!!!! Yippee! (Sunglasses are all-year-round on the West Coast.)

    Very lovely picture of an azure vista. My mom always called those "cotton ball clouds". I am sure there is a scientific term for them, but that would not be nearly as fun.

    Which sunglasses and sandal combo belong to which person? I made my guess, but can't be sure...



    P.S. Only another hour and a half until Spring! (At least where I am...)

  9. Hi, great photos.
    T.C.C -Goose-

  10. These are some very nice pictures. Aside from the first one with the brown grass it would appear to be warm and summery out.

    Happy first day of spring... summer is getting closer :)

  11. Ben,

    Oh...sounds lovely! They are predicting snow flurries on Easter, which would really be a bummer...so we're praying hard for nice weather.

    lol...so your mom calls them cotton ball clouds... We have a children's book all about clouds, and I'm sure it identifies each cloud, but like your mom, we prefer to come up with our own names. :) I've always called those ones cotton candy clouds... :) Not that I'm a huge fan of cotton candy...only at baseball games...but we left the Astros in Texas, so, so much for that... :)

    The sandals belong to (L-R) Jessica, Melissa and me. What was your guess?

    Hey Nathan,

    Thanks! Send some of that nice weather our way, will ya? :)


    Yeah, we're hoping for a day like that on Friday...but when I checked the weather last night, they were saying that it's supposed to rain...which means we'd have to postpone our boating trip and forget having Brunch on the porch... :(

    Happy first day of Spring to you! :)

  12. I forgot to mention how nice the title of this post is :)

  13. LOL yes it is STILL raining ! But our grass is really green !! ;) I can't wait for spring to really come... not just the date ! :)


  14. I'll work on that but, I can't promise anything:)

  15. Sad to say my sunglasses are probably tried of all the sun and enjoys the little amount of time they have inside the house.
    For you see I have been wearing them since the end of Feb. And on the matter of flip-flops I have just started wearing them so they might enjoy sitting out with yours if theres room. Although I don't think I could live with out them for the time beinging.....we will just have to wait until May.
    All of us over here are counting the days when we will start the great adventure to your part of the "woods". I am planning on bring all or almost all of my costumes for pictures and such.

  16. Jared,

    Yes, I thought it was da' lovely. :)


    Well, please keep your rain...I'm hoping for all the blue skies I can get. :)


    Oh, thanks!! You're such a good friend! :)


    lol...yeah, we had a few sunny winter days when we were able to wear our sunglasses, but Jess and Melissa just bought new ones, so now we're really stylin'. :) As for the flip flops, there's ALWAYS room for more!!! :)

    Yup, we're all counting down the days as well. We can't wait for y'all to arrive! We've been discussing what we're going to do the whole time you'll be here, what we'll eat, play, which dances we'll do, etc... lol We're just a little on the excited side. :) And yes, costumes!!! I'll have to make sure ours are ironed and ready for wear. :) I think I smell tea parties brewing. :)


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