Monday, March 10, 2008

Well, since the captions that Ben H. came up with last time were above and beyond what I would have ever come up with, and since it was so much fun, I thought that I'd do it again!! :) So, leave a comment with your caption on one, two, three or all of the photos below and it just might get used!!!! :) Have fun!

I thought y'all might find the below article by Church Norris quite least, I did. :)


  1. These probably will not be as funny as the other ones but here goes!

    1. “I wonder if they would notice if I made brownies and didn’t share…”

    2. “Just like the Pillsbury dough boy… poke my tummy!”

    3. “See I told you I would laugh”

    4. “Sissy my hat needs to be fluffed!”

    5. “Yes Mommy I’ll share the brownies… just don’t tell Tiffany, you know how many she eats!”

    6. “Hi Tiff, Who me? Make brownies…. Never!

    7. “Okay you may have one”

    PS He sure is a cutie !!

  2. "The best part about being a chef is the hat!"

    "This is the best angle to catch the full effect of a chef's costume."

    "This shot will appear on my next cookbook, and yes, I will sign your copy :)"

    "What's that? You say my biscuits were better than Mom's or even Tiff's? No? Whew! I'm glad, 'cuz I don't know how to make 'em. Yet."

    "I know, lil Joshua has a lot to live up to, doesn't he?"

    "I told you I liked this hat!"

    "Well, yes. I did have a LITTLE help from Tiff on that cheescake, but I did give her the IDEA to make it!!"

  3. deusprimus12:45 AM

    Your brother's range of facial expressions are so much fun; he is cuteness personified...

    Here are my submissions. Will they make the cut, take the cake, RISE to the occasion? (Sorry, bad cooking puns!)

    #1: "You can see it in my eyes, sugar rush..."

    #2: "First step for a good Sunshine Cake, lots of sunshine!"

    #3: "No silly, a pinch is a measurement less than 1/8th of a teaspoon!"

    #4: "My brownies are scrumtis... scrumitus... they taste real good!"

    #5: "Wow, that is a big oven, I'm gonna get me one of those."

    #6: "The cook of the year award? You shouldn't have..."

    #7: "Yes, I was making cookies, but I took a taste of the dough, and another, and another, and it is all gone!"

    As for the Chuck Norris article, what he says is very true. Those who control a culture's children, control the future of the culture. It has been seen from the Spartan upbringing to Germany's Hitler Youth, and now the battle has begun for this generation.

    Training our children in they way they should go is a God given right, and should be defended with more vehemence than any other liberty (except perhaps religious freedom, I am still thinking that through). Children are the most precious charge God has given to us, and that responsibility should not be surrendered, ever.

    We may not be Texans, but there are more than a few branding irons lying around this state!

    Deus Primus,


  4. I like the first one!

  5. lol...those are ALL funny!!! Now maybe we should have a panel of judges to decide which ones to use... ;-)

  6. Hey! So I know you didn't post about this, and by the way the pictures are adorable! But you asked me on Tuesday what my brain type was, and I came out to be a FCAR/ENFP "Motivator". :D I read the description, and it sounds just like me!

  7. know, I ought to put that up was so much fun to see what everybody came out to be...Lenna told me what your parents are...and I must say, the shoe fits! :)


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