Friday, June 06, 2008

we're home...

We arrived home safely from our trip down South. We had a lovely time being able to actually sit down and really get to know the families down in our sister church in Tennessee. Our visit in Arkansas was very relaxing and while we were there, we stocked up on the best ice cream around...Blue Bell. :) But it is very nice to be home again and although we had a blast on our trip, we are very much looking forward to fellowshipping with our church family this week. And so I'll stop boring you with text and provide you with a few pictures of our week...

Here's a picture of the little guy that keeps y'all coming back to my blog. :)

Art-sy shot of a pine cone.

Another art-sy shot...the Stouffer's property was well stocked with opportunities for art-sy pictures. :)

Some of the Bradshaw family enjoying good conversation.

Mr. and Mrs. Lingo

Apples to Apples...

Yes, Jared...this is all of us all...

Just after the storm passed.

"Put your hands in the air...hold on a sec, will ya..."

"Almost got it..."

" put hands in the air!" The Lone Ranger strikes again!

"I think this water is contaminated..."

So Melissa and I took the children to the lake and park. As we were driving around (Hector style, for those of you interested...:)) we saw this sign and almost called some dear friends that we thought might be in need of their services. :) So Hector family, this photo is for you...

Oh...this is what we call livin' high on the hog...we're not sharing, mind you...

Jess and I taking in the breathtaking view. (She has some more pics and info about our trip on her blog.)

Hmmmm....I wonder who she's waiting for...

Or her?

Joshua and Caleb atop Mt. Nebo surveying the lands...

The McDonald family


  1. YAY! I finally get the first comment!!! Do I get some brownie points??? :) I'm so glad y'all are home safe!!!! Those pictures of William are so cute :)
    Love y'all!

  2. If you're going to get brownie points that means I don't, and that can't be a good thing.

    Great pictures, Looks like you (all of your family) had a good time.

  3. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Lovely pictures Tiffany, I love the pictures of Melissa and Jessica. Could they be waiting for Prince Charming?=)

    Elizabeth R.

  4. I love the last picture of the family on the mountain. Looks like you all had fun! See you in two and a half days!!!

    Love You!

  5. I went back and reviewed all the captions and have a few comments. (The first time I just looked at all the pretty pictures)

    First picture of note, the Pine Cone

    My Comment

    What's this?...Pine Cones----Oh my goodness these are my favorite.
    Don't let me hog it all. Here, you try it.
    Bon apetit-eh.

    Second picture of note, the picture of you all

    My Comment

    It's not all y'all? Where are the rest of y'all?

    My Comment (unrelated to pictures)

    I miss you a'bunch!!

  6. I see that you're trying to correlate "Abraham Lincoln" and "painful"...

    tsk, tsk

  7. Elissa,

    lol...have you never been the first to comment before? Congrats! :) Yup, you're brownie point mark has moved up... :)

    Jared m'dear,

    You get brownie points just for commenting. :)


    lol...they're most likely looking forward to the arrival of my sister and nephew, but the caption just seemed too funny to pass up. :) I really like the way they turned out though...maybe I'll frame them...

    Christa dear,

    We took a few pics of us up there, some in the sun and then this one...but I think this one turned out best. :) We can't wait for your arrival!!! We're all arguing over who gets to pick y'all up and who gets to hold the little bundle of joy first. :) Love you!!


    Ooooo, a second comment...more brownie points for you! :) I wonder why most people don't read the captions...that's usually my favorite part of other people's blogs....go figure.

    lol...I love the pine cone comment. :) Why didn't I think of that one? ;) Yes, it would be "all y'all", but that didn't quite work in my caption and I put "all of us all" in reference to a caption you had left on your blog. :) I miss you too...the 4th is almost here. :)


    lol...those weren't my cards...somebody else laid them, and I thought "Good card" and took a picture of it. This is what happens when you play the game with a bunch of people from TN and TX... ;) As a random aside, I think that card ended up winning... :)

  8. Since everyone is talking about your captions on your pictures, my favorite one is with William! He is so cute!

    As for who holds Joshua first, no need to worry! We will be there for a whole month!! :-) But, I think Dad will be the first to hold him! Are you picking me up or Dad and Mom?

    Love you and see you soon!

  9. Jacob Lingo11:48 PM

    Regretful to contradict, "Honest" Abe somehow didn't win the round...go figure...I thought I had that green card easy. :P

    Anyway, it was great to meet y'all, and we were very blessed to have your dad preach in the absence of our Pastor. Don't forget to come back and visit us again.


  10. It didn't win?!?!?! I suppose in the blur of everybody rooting and cheering for that card, I missed the real verdict...but it should have been that one. :)

    We had a blast down there in TN and are very much looking forward to visiting again. We were very happy to finally meet y'all and I'm glad we had a whole weekend to visit...although I'm hoping next time will be longer. :) But then again, don't ya' think y'all are due for a visit up here? ;)

  11. Tiffany,

    I'm finally feeling caught up enough to look at blogs. I just saw our honorary photo. I wonder if that "station" was locked?! You and Melissa will probably never forget that experience.

    Looks like you had fun in Tenn. I wish we were all closer.

    Remember, you have a place to stay if ya'll visit here. (Is that how you spell it?!)

    Blessings, Mrs.H

  12. Mrs. H,

    lol...we thought it was soooo funny when we saw that we had to stop and get a picture of it. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it! I thought about checking to see if it was locked, but then I figured I'd have no idea of telling, and since is was so hot outside, I decided not to. :)

    We did have fun...and I must agree, we all should live much, much closer! We miss all y'all soooo much. :(

    And if we're ever in the area, we'll be sure to stop by...there's no way we pass up an opportunity to visit with such a wonderful family!!! :)

    Love to you all,



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