Tuesday, July 01, 2008

in a nutshell...

It's been a little on the busy side around here as we've been trying to squeeze a bunch of fun into Christa's visit. Our chickens are getting bigger (my mom calls them teenage chickens...and personally, I think they're kind of ugly), the chicken coop is coming along nicely, the ladies tea was beautiful, our Americana themed visit to a retirement home was a blast, and the fellowship afterwards was too much fun. So, I thought I'd share a few pictures that kind of give you an overview of what we've been up to around here. For more pictures, click here and here and here.

A lovely circle of friends.


Good friends...great fun.

Garrison and Melinda tried very hard to make Jessica and Peter look tall. :)

Wow...the effect that ice cream has on some people...


And here stands one of the most amazing ping-pong players I've ever met...Nathan.

One simple word...feet.

Aren't they so cute?!?!?!

"Can I stop smiling now? My cheeks are hurting so bad!!!"

They've joined the group of happy peppy people and have been taking their Vitameatavegamin. :)

Peter looks bewildered about something...

Mmmmmm....summertime drinks...

Some of the little cow-pokes getting ready to paint the chicken coop.

The painting crew...the little people in the front didn't realize they could smile. :)

Some painters.

Getting kisses from Uncle Yum Yum.

"Y'all come back now...ya' hear?"


  1. Joshua looks absolutely traumatized in that last picture...poor guy. 'Course, he probably doesn't look any different compared to when I tried to hold him last night, but that's another topic for another time...

  2. "Some Painters" ... what a great affect your editing had on that shot! I love it!

    Michael - AKA Grand Adventure

  3. Looks like lots of fun!:)
    Love you!

  4. Ooh, Great pictures Tiffany!!! I love the one of of Garrison and Peter up in the Air and Jess being held up by Melinda and Suzanna :D
    Miss y'all!!!!

  5. Looks like you're having a lot of fun this summer. I am not sure what you have stuck in that summertime drink, but it doesn't look drinkable. :D

    Miss you lots and lots!!

  6. Cool pictures!! Looks like you had fun. What did you do for the 4th?


  7. Ashton,

    lol...yeah, I was trying to get a picture of his expression when you were holding him, but you kept moving...


    Thanks! I took the photo and it was way over exposed, but I thought I could play with it and hopefully make something out of it. :) I saw some pics from the wedding...it looks like it was beautiful!


    Oh yeah...that's all we really know how to do! :) Love ya!


    Thanks! lol...those photos were pretty funny. I had a hard time deciding which ones to post...I'm glad you enjoyed them.


    It would be more fun if you were here. :) Oh...and as for my drink, it has ice, lemon juice (your favorite ;)), mint, and water...I'll have to make one for you next time you're out this way. :)


    Thanks...we do have fun out here. If you're ever interested in joining us, just let me know! :) Oh, for the 4th...I'll have to blog about that. :)

  8. It has been much to long since I have been on your blog. But that means I get to go back and read up on all the old posts! I am very upset about missing the contest!

    Looks like y'all are having fun. Do you think you could mail me some of that summertime drink?



  9. Jared,

    I know, I know...


    lol...make sure you take a look at the picture we posted in honor of y'all! ;) And about the contest, I'll have to come up with another one...maybe I'll use Ken Ham's face this time. As for the summertime drink...when you go to mail something, the post office people ask you if your package contains anything, "liquid, perishable, fragile, potentially hazardous..." That drink might fall into that category...:)


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