Friday, July 18, 2008


I thought about going into great detail about how busy we are...but on second thought, I decided to be kind and spare you. :) You can leave your thanks below... I've posted a few pictures (clicke links for more photos) of things that have been going on around here, new floors in the great room, a fabulous 4th of July, lots of outdoor time now that it's finally summer and a few pictures of my adorable nephew. Jared and Jessica also have some pictures up. Okay...I'll stop with the little details and let you get to the pictures...

Our little man and the pile of wood flooring.

When our church has a party... we really have a party!!

Many thanks to the Sanford's for hosting such a wonderful event!

It was very comforting to have a fire fighter on hand...those boys are looking a little to excited if you ask me... :)

One cool great neighbor!

Moving the coop to it's final resting place.

Without their hard work (as well as the work done by several others in our church and even some who live in other states) the chicken coop would've never been done! I'm sure the chickens salute you...they ought to anyway...the ones in Chicken Run know how to salute...

And here, by popular request, are pictures of our ugly teenage chickens. Hope you enjoy this one...:)

Two little helpers...without shoes...I'll bet that gravel felt good on those feet! :)

And here is a picture of the newest member of the Evans' family! Jonas Clarke was born earlier today and as we were bringing them a meal, I figured a few pictures needed to be taken as well. :)

Prince Charming and Cinderella.

Caught red pun intended...:)

Got Popsicles?

Enjoying those Grandma hugs.

"Do you mean I have to leave you?!?!" *bawls uncontrollably*
Yes, Daniel and Christa left to go back to their own home. It was very sad to see them go and we're looking forward to another visit from them...hopefully soon...(*begins whispering* It's only to see Joshua, you know...*stops whispering*;))


  1. Wow, I was away from my internet for the whole weekend and when I get back I am able to post the first comment. And I thought I didn't have any friends.

    These are some very interesting and artistic looking pictures.

    Miss you tons...

  2. I think William looks like you in the last picture of him. (Of course, having never met you, I can't say for sure! :-) Who looks like who in your family? (Or perhaps I should ask what the general opinion is. :) I would think Jessica and your mother, and you and William, but that's about all I can tell.


  3. Jared,

    Yeah, so now I'm watching your blog to make sure I get the first comment there. :) Miss you too...


    You think so? Somebody thought that he was my baby and my parents were the grandparents. :) You're right about Jess looking like my Mom. Melissa looks quite a bit like my Dad, I look like my dad, but more like his mother. Caleb, Grace, Emma and William's baby pictures all look very similar and they look very much like my Dad. Abigail was distinct McDonald features, but I don't think we've ever been told who she really looks like. :)

  4. The chicken coop looks incredible, well done to your Dad et al! Joshua is getting even cuter, if that is possible. Your 4th of July really does look like a "white van" convention. Glad to see you are all doing well.

    Blessings, Mrs.H

  5. Joshua looks lots like his father. We have known the Blanchard's since before they moved to Grand Saline... when they were still in the Dallas area. It was very neat to find out that he married your elder sister Christa, and then to watch (thru their blog) as they began their family! I think that was really neat.

    Joshua is so very cute, I can see why you didn't want him to leave! :)


  6. Anonymous8:00 AM

    I like the new header. What movie is it from?

  7. Mrs. H.,

    Isn't it nice! I'm overly fond of the chickens, but if we have to have them, they ought to have a nice palace. :) Haha...yeah, it looks like a white van convention every Sunday too! :)


    Oh, that's funny! It really is a small world. And yes, Joshua looks quite a bit like his dad...we all miss having him around.


    Thanks. My sister made it for me. It's taken from a move entitled, "The Slipper and the Rose." Is a musical retelling of Cinderella with some amazing costuming, wonderful choreography, great songs and loads of fun all through the movie! It's one of our favorites.


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